Children of the Holocaust

Book Review by: Reed S.

Book by: Allan Zullo
Book Length: 130 pages

Story Summary: There are 10 incredible stories of children who survived the Holocaust one of them are Seventeen year old Jack Gruener survives a 30 mile death march with frostbite and helps others and his best friend.Hear these sad stories reveal to you as these men and women share their story to the Germans,and Jews but mostly to the world of violence and hatred.

Your Review: I think you should read it because it is an inspiring story of 10 kids who came over extreme dificulties and saved themselves but saved others like their family and friends.My favorite person or story was of this girl who had to survive with her mom and they became parstians (people who group together to destroy
major bridges and and bomb cargo trains to stop Hitler)and they get caught by 2 German soldiers and her mom tells them they are on the Germans side and trying to escape the Red Men. So they escape the Germans and they find men who are on the Allies and they survive the Holocaust. I recommend it because people are forgetting what happened and we all need to know the story of the Holocaust. I think you should share to others to tell the story of the Holocaust.


Donut Go Breaking My Heart

Book Review by: Sarah

Book by: Suzanne Nelson
Book Length: 288 pages pages

Story Summary: Sheyda is with her friend Kiri at an audition Sheyda is not auditioning only Kiri is. When Sheyda has a breakdown in front of the stage when Kiri is done with her audition. Later on Sheyda and Kiri are at a donut shop where they work.The producers come and ask Sheyda to be the part and not Kiri even though Kiri is the one that tried out for the part and not Sheyda. Sheyda accepts the part then there is some tension between the two friends.

Your Review: I like this book because it is realistic fiction. It tells a story that is not true , but could be true. It keeps me awake and interested in reading. In this book I didn’t really like the beginning because it was a little confusing. I did finally get the hang of it though.My favorite character was Shayda because even though she was shy at first during learning her parts for the movie she finally got all of her parts down.
I think this book would be a great movie because it always has something going on and never gets boring.The star of the show would be Sheyda because she is the main character in the book and always has problem , but finds ways to fix them. The students that would like to read this are students that like exciting things and are really into realistic fiction books.I would recommend this book because it tells a story that could happen to anybody and always keeps you reading. I think my peers should read this book because it is an exciting book and makes reading fun! Overall I believe everyone should read this book.


Book Review by: Mia

Book by: Marissa Meyer
Book Length: 827 pages

Story Summary: Winter beautiful loved by all. Expect by her Step Mother Queen Levena. She doesn’t like her as well and hates her all most as much.Along with painful visions and a guy she wishes she could love.The love for her guard Jacin would never be approved.When her stepmother thinks lowly of her all these years.Will she team up with her allies or stand up as a queen.Find Out if you read Winter.

Your Review: I like that its like a tornado and you never know whats going to happen next in the story even if you think you do.I didn’t like that some people turned on their friends in the end and some died.My favorite charter would be Scarlet Since she has more since.This book would be amazing movie if it could one it may be a little out of this time. I think people who like fairy tales, trouble,and a hint of romance.Would really enjoy the book. I would give this book to people who seemed bored or just looked like they had nothing better to do.People who are older than me are well should like the book more than me. Unless they like the same stuff to read every day without any Pop in the story! Overall try this book out for fun ! 🙂

Stink the incredible shrinking kid

Book Review by: Gariunna

Book by: Peter H.Reynolds
Book Length: 102 pages

Story Summary: The main characters are: Stink, Judy Moody,and his mom and dad.The time and place is at home. It is a really good book.

Your Review: I like the chapters because they are good.I didnt like the way were the mostly likely talked about just how short he is. Why they couldnt just add more details?
Stink because it is mainly about him.No because this is mainly about one thing.mostly people who like to read fantasy. No because it mainly talks about one thing.No because is you dont like fantasy you wouldnt like it.

Top Prospect

Book Review by: Zander

Book by: Paul Volponi
Book Length: 270 pages

Story Summary: Travis Gardener is a normal standout QB by the time he enters middle school and is willing to put in everything when he plays football. Travis’s older brother plays QB for Gainesville University and the coach makes a promise that Travis will be on the team in the future but has to go through high school first. Travis is playing in the 9th grade and will be playing for the Gators.

Your Review: Top Prospect was a pretty good book and I would recommend you to read it. It is pretty interesting and there is many things that take place in the book. Some of Paul Volponi’s books are good the the final four so you should read some of his other books but Top Prospect is my favorite and possibly my favorite book that I’ve ever read.

The cricket in times square

Book Review by: Ben

Book by: George Selden
Book Length: 176 pages

Story Summary: One night, the sounds of New York City–the rumbling of subway trains, thrumming of automobile tires, hooting of horns, howling of brakes, and the babbling of voices–is interrupted by a sound that even Tucker Mouse, a jaded inhabitant of Times Square, has never heard before. Mario, the son of Mama and Papa Bellini, proprietors of the subway-station newhybyhbyjhtstand.

Your Review: What was this new, strangely musical chirping? None other than the mellifluous leg-rubbing of the somewhat disoriented Chester Cricket from Connecticut. Attracted by the irresistible smell of liverwurst, Chester had foolishly jumped into the picnic basket of some unsuspecting New Yorkers on a junket to the country. Despite the insect’s wurst intentions, he ends up in a pile of dirt in Times Square.
Mario is elated to find Chester. He begs his parents to let him keep the shiny insect in the newsstand, assuring his bug-fearing mother that crickets are harmless, maybe even good luck. What ensues is an altogether captivating spin on the city mouse/country mouse story, as Chester adjusts to the bustle of the big city. Despite the cricket’s comfortable matchbox bed (with Kleenex sheets); the fancy, seven-tiered pagoda cricket cage from Sai Fong’s novelty shop; tasty mulberry leaves; the jolly company of Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat; and even his new-found fame as “the most famous musician in New York City,” Chester begins to miss his peaceful life in the Connecticut countryside. The Cricket in Times Square–a Newbery Honor Book in 1961–is charmingly illustrated by the well-loved Garth Williams, and the tiniest details of this elegantly spun, vividly told, surprisingly suspenseful tale will stick with children for years and years. Make sure this classic sits on the shelf of your favorite child, right next to The Wind in the Willows.