A Dog’s Purpose

Book Review by: Barker

Book by: W. Bruce Cameron
Book Length: 319 pages

Story Summary: Bailey is a dog who lives many lives finding his purpose in life. Every time Bailey passes away, he is reincarnated, and becomes a puppy again and lives another life once again.

Your Review: What I liked most about this book is that is is in the dog’s perspective, I liked this because it is kind of like understanding what a dog is thinking. I chose this book because I had seen the movie, and the movie was very good, so I thought I would read the book that the movie was based on. The kind of person who would enjoy this book the most is probably people who love dogs or have dogs. I would definitely recommend this book because it is very interesting, like how he comes back as a different dog every time he passes away. I really enjoyed A Dog’s Purpose and I would definitely recommend it.


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