Anne of Green Gables

Book Review by: Ella

Book by: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Book Length: 297 pages

Story Summary: Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are unmarried siblings who live on their ancestral farm, Green Gables, in a quiet in the quiet town of Avonlea in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Matthew is getting too old to handle the farm work on his own so they decide to adopt a boy. Matthew then goes to the train station and finds a girl instead of a boy. The orphanage sent an 11 year old girl named Anne Shirley by mistake. Matthew loves her spirit and wanted to keep her but Marilla hesitated. After a while she agreed to keep her. She is talkative and has a great spirit. Mathtew and Marilla Cuthbert end up loving her they have a happy life, until Matthew dies. Everyone was really sad but once they got over it they lived happily ever after.

Your Review: I really liked this book. There was not really a reason why I liked the book, I just thought it was really good. My favorite character was Anne because she had a personality like mine. She was very talkative and she made friends with people very easily. I saw the movie of this book and that is why I wanted to read it. I don’t remember the actors, but I do remember that it was really good. I think student from 4th grade to 8th grade would enjoy this. It might be too long or confusing for students younger than 4th grade. I would definitely recommend this book because I don’t really like reading but I did like reading this book. You should read this as your next book.


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