Book Review by: Evan

Book by: Carl Hiaasen
Book Length: 279 pages

Story Summary: This book is about a family how is going broke and gets a job for the famous Derek Badger as a animal wrangler. For Derek’s new episode they go to the everglades. When they are leaving they bring a girl with them named Tuna because her dad punches Tuna and gives her a black eye.In the everglades Derek tries to eat a bat but the bat jumped up and bit his tongue and gets rabies.

Your Review: What I liked about it is it was funny and entertaining.What I didn’t like about it was that two about died. My favorite character is probably Wahoo Cray because he was smart and humerus.I think it would because its funny and entertaining. Probably people who like realistic fiction. I would recommend it because I though it was a good book.I think they should because we read books like this.


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