Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Book Review by: Peter

Book by: Jeff Kinney
Book Length: 217 pages

Story Summary: Ah…Summer! It’s here! Nothing could spoil a good Heffley summer, right? Wrong! The Heffleys are on the long and winding road on a family trip. But, they could still have a good summer, right? They’re on the road enjoying a nice trip, when Greg Heffley sits in the cramped, packed back, sleeps on a towel in a smelly hotel closet, His little brother Manny starts owning a baby pig, and even running from a crazy large man out stalking his family wherever they go! Yeah, sure ,what could possibly ruin it?How about getting lost from civilization? But, they eventually all make it home alright before school starts. Read Greg Heffley’s published diary to find out more and go on a wild adventure with the Heffleys!

Your Review: I liked how this book got really dark, scary and almost hopeless at the end.(No spoilers) I like a scary story. I didn’t like the beginning when they were packing, and solving problems. It was kinda boring. My favorite character is Greg Heffley, the narrator and main character. He’s pretty funny. This book would make an awesome movie. It would be cool to see the story on screen, not imagination. Zachary Gordon should star because he was Greg in other Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.
I think people of all ages would like this book. Especially big families reading together. My peers should definitely read this one, if they haven’t yet. It’s easy to read and it has an intense plot and is still easy-going.


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