Book Review by: Emily

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 233 pages

Story Summary: The main character, Callie, tries out for her middle schools production Moon over Mississippi, but she can’t sing so shes the set designer for the drama departments stage crew. She gets into a lot of drama backstage with the members because her members can’t work together so she has to fix it herself. During all of this between the two brothers things get even crazier!

Your Review: I really liked when Callie and one of the brothers were talking about how the other didn’t get the part but dodged a bullet because Bonnie the most annoying popular girl got the part he wanted and I like this because its funny how he was mad but he really had no need to be. I think there’s not a part I don’t like because I really like this book. Honestly I really like Callie because shes really out going and doesn’t stop until she can’t do anything about something any more. I think this would make an amazing movie and the star could be any one with enough talent really because it is only about a dramatic 7th grade year. I think any student who likes cheesy books about crushes and lots of drama (who’s age appropriate) because its a really good book with all that stuff in it. I would absolutely recommend people who like this type of book to read it because its funny and has what the possibly want. I think my peers should read for their next choice because it really is an amazing book and has all what I like in a book.


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