Fish in a Tree

Book Review by: Brady

Book by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Book Length: 266 pages pages

Story Summary: A girl named Ally and her grandmother believe that they should be free and not have to worry about the world. Itś just them where they live. Them 2 were chilling and her grandmother fell and hurt herself. She had to go the hospital. She´s going to be there for a while and she can take care of Ally. Ally has to go live with different people and worse……. She has to go to school. She is going to be new. When she shows up, everybody makes fun of her. Through the pain from bullies, she stand up for herself. What will happen for the rest of the year????

Your Review: I promise you this would be one of the most favorite books if you read it. I wish I was like Ally. She was so brave. I like how she had face her fear and go in the real world. My favorite character is definitely Ally because she stands up for herself. I totally recommend you read this book.


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