Book Review by: Camryn

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 239 pages

Story Summary: The story Ghosts is about a girl named Katrina who moved to who moves to Northern California because her sister has cystic fibrosis. She ins’t very happy about moving. Her neighbor lets them in on a little secret. Ghosts live in there town. When they find put all her little sister wants is to meet one but cat wants nothing to do with them. Every Halloween the ghosts come into sight and see their loved ones. Cat is invited to the party where the ghosts will be. Read the book to find out more about Cat and whether or not she goes!

Your Review: I loved this book so much! I could not put it down. There are lots of things that are relatable in the book. I really love the way the book is set up into comic form. It makes it easier to read and especially for people who like illustration. my favorite character is Cats little sister Maya. She is very adventurous and strong. I would definitely recommend it.


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