Go Big

Book Review by: Matthew

Book by: Cory Cotton
Book Length: 201 pages

Story Summary: This book is about 5 guys that do trick shots for life. This book is very encouraging to other readers. These 5 guys Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, and Cody Jones. These guys meet up at a church when they were little, when they got bigger and then were students at Texasa&m. After they all graduated they started a Youtube channel called Dude Perfect. Only after a couple of videos they became some famous people. But what I like most about this book is that they are so very encouraging.

Your Review: I would give this book a 100 because I like sports and that Dude Perfect is encouraging. My favorite character is Tyler Toney because I think he is a cool dude, and he is funny. I would make this a movie but they already have a TV show. I would think that kids with passion and like sports would read this book.


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