Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Book Review by: Kyontee

Book by: J. K. Rowling
Book Length: 336 pages

Story Summary: Harry potter was a child when his parents died. After that he lived with his aunt and uncle the Dursleys under the stares in the cupboard. Suddenly he started getting mail Hogwarts. So harry and the dursleys to to a house on an island. At 12 midnight Hagrid bust through the door and gives harry the letter and tells him that he is a wizard. Harry goes to Hogwarts and learns how to be a wizard but he has many stops trough the way read the book and find out.

Your Review: I like the book because all of the magic.I didn’t like the stops and how long it took for them to do something. Harry should be the star and this would be a good book because lots of people like magic. Most some older kids would like it better.I would recommend it because I like magic and many others. My peers should read this because its a very good book.


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