Harry Potter and The sorcerers stone

Book Review by: Josh

Book by: J.K. Rowling
Book Length: 223 pages

Story Summary: This book is about a boy named Harry Potter that has to live with his aunt uncle and cousin because, his parents died but, he didn´t know how. When it was his cousins birthday they went to a zoo and they went to the snake section but the aunt uncle and cousin think the snake is boring but, Harry talks to him and the snake talks back and harry finds out that he can talk to snakes. Then he gets a letter but, the uncle won´t let him see and after that he get hundreds of the same letters and finally he gets one and he finds out that he has been invited to go to a school for wizards. If you want to find out what happens next read the book.

Your Review: I really like this book because, it has magic mysterious and funny parts in the book. There would only be one part I didn´t really like is when he is still living at his aunt and uncles house because besides the snake and the letters it was kind of boring. My favorite character in the movie was hagret. This book would be a really good movie but, it´s already a movie that´s how good it is. I think students that like fantasy and magic and things like that would really like this book.

I would definintly recommed this book because there is a lot of pages and their is magic and funny parts. Also if you like this book there is a whole series of this book. I think my friends should read this book because it´s very interesting and could be a good experience. Overall I think this book was ver good.


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