I Will Always Write Back

Book Review by: Kathryn Claire

Book by: Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda
Book Length: 396 pages pages

Story Summary: The assignment for Caitlin was to write a letter to a chosen country from a list of different countries. Caitlin chose Zimbabwe and the letter was delivered to Martin, a boy Caitlin’s age living in poverty. The country, Zimbabwe, is already poverty stricken and Martin has four or five other siblings so it is hard for all of them to be able to go to school. When Martin gets this letter he writes on back to Caitlin, and trust me, this is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship. This book spans over a few years and switches form the two perspectives of Caitlin and Martin.

Your Review: I loved this book so much, it is an amazing read. It is also a real eye opener, and it is amazing to know that this really happened. Also, Caitlin made a few mistakes here and there so when you read you can see them and not make the mistake she did. Caitlin faces many of the same problems you and I face and you can see what she does and how she handles situations. My favorite characters were, of course, Caitlin and Martin. I think this movie wouldn’t make the best movie because there are so many things in the book that the movie would have to leave out and that just wouldn’t do justice to the book. If it did turn into a movie though, I think Caitlin and Martin should star in it.
I think anybody that likes a book that is written from real events should read this book. Also, if you want to read a real eye opener then this book is definitely for you. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes longer books and real books.


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