Mighty Jack

Book Review by: Patten

Book by: Ben Hatke
Book Length: 208 pages

Story Summary: Jack was a teenage boy who lived on a farm. Jack and his family (Mom and sister) were not that wealthy so his mom had to work a lot. One day Jack and his family went to a flea market. Jacks mom told him to stay by his sister and don’t lose her. Jack thought his sister was weird because she never talked. Jack went to go look at something when he lost her. He found her at this man who was trying to sell her seeds for a garden. He said that they were magical seeds. Jack bought the seeds for her and went home. On they way home jack saw a girl she was new she had just moved into the neighborhood. Jack and his sister plant the seeds and the new girl helps. But something happens. Something both good and bad. See what happens to jack and his sister if you read the book .

Your Review: I liked this book a lot . The reason that I like is that they have a huge adventure. The only reason that didn’t like it was that it left me hanging. My favorite character was jack because he was savage and he was the one who stood up for everything.This book would make a good movie but I don’t know who would star in it. Everyone would want to read this book because it is awesome. I would recommend it to everyone. It is one of the best books I have ever read so everyone should read it.


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