Old Yeller

Book Review by: Luke

Book by: Fred Gipson
Book Length: 181 pages

Story Summary: Travis and his family that lived on the ranch/farm with old yeller

Your Review: Travis lives on the ranch with his parents and younger brother, one day this uninvited golden yellow dog comes to stay with their family. Travis kept trying to get him of their property and to get away. Then Travis realized that he was a good dog when the dog saved Arliss from a bear. The dog also saved Travis from some hogs. He also saved their Mama and her friend from a wolf. When Travis grows to love Old Yeller, they become friends. The owner shows up and try’s to get Old Yeller, the owner sees how attached the family is to the dog so Travis’s mom gives the owner a horned toad nicely cooked by the Mother. One day a pack of wolfs attacks the family, Old Yeller fought back and made them go back. He ends up being injured from the wolves and becomes sick and has rabies. Travis is so sad but sadly he has to kill the dog for his family because he was carrying sickness.


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