Prisoner B-3087

Book Review by: Ella kate

Book by: Jack Gruener
Book Length: 272 pages

Story Summary: A boy named Yanek Gruener the lives in a small Jewish town in Poland that is one day taken over by the Nazis. The only person Yanek had left was his uncle. He told Yanek to survive you have no name, you have no family, you speak to no one, you trust no one. At Yaneks first death camp the Nazis tattooed him with the number B-3087. Yanek spoke to no one, and only knew himself by B-3087. Little did he know we would go to ten death camps! One day after another torture, Nazi games, and death. But he trusted he would make it out alive. Will he?

Your Review: In my opinion this book was awesome! I loved how the action starts right when you start reading, and it never stops! My favorite character had to be Yanek because i enjoyed reading his journey. This would defiantly make a good movie because off all the action that takes place. I´m not sure who would star in it. I would defiantly recommend this book because of the story and all the action that takes place. And lastly of course this should be your next book choice because this will probably become one of your favorite books to after reading it! Prisoner B-3087 is a great book!


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