Ranger’s Apprentice: The Burning Bridge

Book Review by: Golden

Book by: John Flanagan
Book Length: 256 pages

Story Summary: On a special mission for the Ranger Corps, Will, Horace, and Gilan travel to Celtica. When they arrive, they discover that all the people have vanished. Gilan believes that Morgarath has devised a plan to cross the mountain pass faster. If that were true and the king was not warned, the country would be destroyed. Gilan goes to warn King Duncan, and Will and Horace follow some Wargals to find that a massive bridge has been constructed across the impassable Fissure to let Morgarath’s army across. They come across a girl who says she is a maid to Princess Evanlyn of Araluen, but she is the princess. They also discover that the King’s army will be trapped on the Plains of Uthal. They burn the bridge but are captured by Skandians, but Horace escapes and tells the King. The battle starts, and Morgarath calls a truce and challenges Halt to a duel, but King Duncan forbids it. Horace challenges Morgarath and defeats him.

Your Review: This book was awesome! It was a gripping tale. I liked everything about it because it was so good. I had nothing I didn’t like for the same reason. My favorite character is Will because he is the main character. I would recommend it because it is a really good book. You would like to read it if you are interested in fantasy and history. You should read it for your next book choice because it is AWESOME!


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