Red Queen

Book Review by: rhiannon

Book by: Victoria Aveyard
Book Length: 1-6 pages

Story Summary: The story is really good because it starts off as this girl who’s telling the story and She’s telling about first Friday and how it is really crowded through out her village and how she hates first Friday and how in the heat if summers, that’s the last thing anyone wants. Then, She gets into deeper details on how there’s a arena and the silvers fight against the reds. But the book is really really good and detailed.

Your Review: the book is really good and i would recommend it to a lot if people in middle school and up but its a book that is really detailed and you could have a view of whats going on right there so hope you like it when you do read it. And keep in your head what you learned about this book on this website when you read it.


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