Series of Unfortunate Events, A Bad Beginning

Book Review by: Will

Book by: Daniel Handler/Lemony Sniket
Book Length: 190 pages

Story Summary: This story is about a group of kids named Sunny, Klaus, and Violet’s parents die in a fire then have to go live with a distant cousin named Count Olaf who is evil and want to steal the Baudelaire fortune so he can buy a new house and decoration, but they can not use it until Violet becomes 16 so Count Olaf makes a “Play” where he “Fake” marries Violet to get the fortune. Then Violet finds out and Count Olaf puts Sunny in a cage up 20 stories and holds here off the side until the wedding, but then they tell everyone and they all get caught.

Your Review: This Book do not read all in a row because you will get depressed, but over all the book is great.


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