The Haunted Museum The Titanic Lockeet

Book Review by: Mallory

Book by: Suzanne Weyn
Book Length: 198 pages

Story Summary: The main characters are Samantha and Jessica they are sisters. They go to England to get on a cruise, The Titanic 2!!! Before they get on the ship they go to the “Haunted Museum” of the Titanic and see a locket they are dying to know whats inside but the ship is leaving when they get to the ship they notice strange things happening. Their cabin number keeps changing. Is the ship Haunted? Or are they cursed?

Your Review: I never really liked to read, then I found this book. I loved the book when I first opened it, and I would definitely read it again. I liked this book because it was mysterious and I didn’t want to stop reading it. I really don’t have a favorite character I loved all of them. This book would be so good as a movie, I think this because it had so much description and I think it so many people would like it. I don’t know who would star in it as long as they fit the personality of the character. I recommenced it to anyone who likes mysteries. I think anyone who reads it would like it.


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