The Young Man and the Sea

Book Review by: bo

Book by: Rodman Philbrick
Book Length: 192 pages

Story Summary: A poor boy and his dad live on the sea in a small shack with a little one man boat. The mom has died and the dad that is a drunk that doesn’t get out of his chair. Skiff the boy needs money for a new boat and for him and his dad to survive. He sinks his boat fixes it and does whatever he can. His bully is a rich brat that just terrorized him,cut his lobster traps, messes with him etc.He goes to catch a tuna in rough terrain and catches the biggest tuna in the sea and becomes rich all because he never gave up.

Your Review: I likes it because something was always gong on. It was sad and happy and just all over the place until the end. He never gave up on making money for any reason. He didn’t want to be in the position he was in so he changed it.


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