Theodore Boone the Fugitive

Book Review by: Ava

Book by: John Grisham
Book Length: 256 pages

Story Summary: Theo Boone is now finaly gone to D.C on a school field trip. When he spots an old adversary in D.C on a subway (Pete Duffy) .Pete Duffy is accused of muredering his wife but the court let him go because of lack of evidence.Theo is forced to finllay bring justice to Pete Duffy. All of the evidence that can bring Duffy to justice is in an illegal immigrants(Bobby Escobar) hands. Bobby is to scared to come forward in the court because he is scared he will be deported. Will Theo ever get Duffy into jail?

Your Review: What OI liked about this book is that when ever you thought that Theo would finally crack the case. Something completely awsome would come up. Like a clue or maybe someone would go missing. The one thing that was okay was that how the author exaggerated Bobbyś fear to much. My favorite charcter is probably Theo. He is pretty much a kid lawyer which is so cool. I think this book would make a magnificent movie. I really do not a good actor for Theo. The type of student who should probably read this book should be someone is not very patient. I would reccomend this to everyone. This book is great for anybody. I think that we should read this book for our next book review. We should read this because every one would like it. It has so much action and drama that it culd fit anyone. I relly hope you read this book and love it.


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