Book Review by: Lauren

Book by: Raquel Palacio
Book Length: 314 pages

Story Summary: August Pullman had some issues and this story is about him over coming those issues by going to school for the first time, making friends and the worst part overcoming bullies but, When he dose he just gets bullied even more then, he already did. Until his friends come in and help him. And when the teachers get into it it just gets better and better!

Your Review: What I like about this book is the standing up and the friendship in this book. The only thing I did not like in this book is the bully’s but, That is a part of the overcoming the bully’s so I guess it is OK. My favorite character is August the main character. I think this book would make a great movie and I would watch it over and over again. The person that should star would be Brad Pitt. The type of students that should read this book would be the ones that love action and heartwarming stories. And I would so recommend this book. I think at least people should try and read the book Wonder because, I think everybody should at least try it.


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