Book Review by: Lucy

Book by: Gordan Korman
Book Length: 230 pages

Story Summary: Two boys, Griffin and Ben, are two young schoolboys who like to solve mysteries. Their lives are going pretty normal until their friend, Savanna’s pet monkey, Cleopatra, goes missing. When they go on a field trip to a zoo on a boat, Savanna finds Cleo as one of the animals! She tries to convince the tour guide that the monkey is hers, but he didn’t believe her! Ben, Griffin, Savanna, and a Doberman named Luthor do whatever they can to break into the zoo and get Cleo back.

Your Review: I like this book, but it doesn’t really fit it’s genre. They find the monkey right away, but the book is more about planning the zoobreak, and and what happens along the way. It is also a pretty slow going book and it is easy to get bored with. It is fun at the beginning, boring in the middle, and a little exciting at the end. Other than that, i guess it is a pretty good book. The concept is great, and the lessons it teaches is also good.


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