The Maze Runner

Book Review by: Catherine

Book by: James Dashner
Book Length: 375 pages

Story Summary: What would you do if you where trapped in a maze and couldn’t get out? Well, that is what the gladers are trying to figure out. They arrive and don’t remember anything, but there names. Some have been there for up to two years, where as some have just gotten there the month before, like Thomas the main character. The have different jobs to do and one is the runner which tries to find ways to get out of the maze. Why is it so hard to get out of the maze? There are creatures called grievers that will try to kill you any chance that they get, and the maze walls shift every night. Then a girl arrives. The first girl they have ever gotten, and the last person they will ever get. Will they be able to get out of the maze? Then read The Maze Runner and find out!

Your Review: I love The Maze Runner! It is so entertaining and there is a twist in almost every chapter! It was fast paced and was never boring. The only thing that I didn’t like is that it ended but, it is a series so there are three more books! My favorite character is probably Teresa. She is so tough and strong. She is also the only girl in the book, which I think is really cool! The really cool thing is that this book was so good… it was made into a movie! Just make sure that you read the book first! I think that people that do’t like a boring book should read this! It is a cliff hanger! Over all, I love this book and think that everyone should read it!



Book Review by: Sarah Beth

Book by: Veronica Roth
Book Length: 487 pages pages

Story Summary: The main characters name is Beatrice Prior. She has a brother named Caleb and a mother and father. She lives in a faction called Abnegation and they are known for being selfless and always putting themselves last. The five factions are Abnegation (the selfless), Erudite (the intelligent), Dauntless (the brave), Candor
(the honest), and Amity (the peaceful). Beatrice feels like she doesn’t fit in with the Abnegation because she is to selfish, but if she leaves she will look like a traitor to her family. Will Beatrice stay with her family and be an outsider? Or will she leave fit in but be a traitor?

Your Review: I loved this book because it goes through the life and perspective of Beatrice Prior. I liked all of her adventures and obstacles she faces as she grows up. I didn’t like all of the violence that happens and the fact that the their problems are never really resolved. My favorite character is Four. He is a secretive person who won’t answer questions and has a very damaged past. It is already a movie and is a series. I think that middle schoolers would love this book. My peers should choose this as their next book.

The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey

Book Review by: Grace

Book by: Chris Colfer
Book Length: 464 pages

Story Summary: Alex and Conner Bailey’s uncle Lloyd (known as the Masked Man) has recruited an army that has the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys, the Queen of Hearts and her card soldiers, and Captain Hook and his pirates to take over the fairy-tale world and rule it. The twins decided to recruit an army from Conner’s writing from eighth grade, but there probably isn’t enough time to, because the Masked Man already captured the royal families, which has Queen Cinderella, Queen Snow White, and Queen Sleeping Beauty, and Queen Rapunzel and others. He wanted to execute them and rule a land of his own and the army that he recruited. Alex and Conner’s heart doesn’t only belong to the regular human world, but also the fairy tale. They want to save everybody and all of their friends. Will they ever recruit their whole army or will their uncle execute the royal families and kill everybody in the fairy-tale world?

Your Review: I really like it how the Bailey twins are determined to recruit an army and save the fairy tale world. I didn’t like it how the Masked Man and his army captured the royal families and want to execute them.


Tigers Curse

Book Review by: Maggie

Book by: Colleen Houck
Book Length: 402 pages

Story Summary: Kelsey Hayes is just really, Normal. But the catch is her parents died in a huge car wreck when she was VERY, VERY, Young. She lives with her foster family and lives like anyone else. She is in high school and is a junior.

Your Review: First off, lets start with Kelsey Hayes. I don’t like her a lot because shes always very in-decisive. Secondly, Dhiren, Ren, He’s kinda frustrating, I don’t have much of an opinion on him because he lies in the middle. I dunno, but I have a third character that I actually like trust me! Mr. Kadam is my favorite character because he’s very thoughtful and generous, he always puts others before himself. I don’t think this book would make a good movie honestly, but I dunno who would star in it either.
I would definitely recommend this! Its interesting and has many Cliff-Hangers, a lot of good character development and etc. I think anyone who is into a sorta Romance-Fantasy would enjoy this, its an AWESOME book. But trust me when I say this, If you don’t like getting that involved in books then don’t check this out. Cya, Good luck!!


The Crossover

Book Review by: Jonas

Book by: Kwame Alexander
Book Length: 237 pages

Story Summary: The Crossover was about JB and Josh Bell, two twins that are both very good at basketball. They play basketball for their school. There team name is named the Wildcats. There dad’s name is Chuck Bell, he was the captain of an Italian team that one back to back Euroleague championships. He could play basketball. Chuck Bell is known for his crossover. In the middle of the book, Josh gets nervous that JB won’t spend anytime with him anymore, and throws the ball at JB as hard as he can and hits him in the nose. Josh and JB’s mom is the princable of their school, and she suspends Josh from the basketball team. How long will Josh be suspended and will he play for the rest of the year.

Your Review: My favorite character in the book The Crossover is Josh Bell. I like that he is in
highschool and can dunk. What I loved about this is that it is a basketball book and I love basketball, but also I like this book because there are so many different things going on at once. A student that would like to read this book is a person that likes sports and action packed stuff. That is why I chose this book.


The Adventures of Tom Sawer

Book Review by: Greyson

Book by: Mark Twain
Book Length: 237 pages

Story Summary: Tom Sawyer is a rebellious little boy in his pre-teens,he likes to go on adventures,is humorous,and likes a girl named Cathy.He lives with his aunt,who he calls Mrs.Mary.The setting for this book is in the 1870’s in St.Petersburg,Missouri.The plot is that Tom gets a kid to do his work for him and get to go on an adventure Huckleberry Finn.The adventure that they go on is into a cave dug into the side of a hill facing the Mississippi river.

Your Review: What I liked about this book was that it had adventure and humor.Huck Finn was my favorite character.Yes it would make a good movie and Cameron Dallas would be a good star.I do recommened this to Conrad Kaden May.



Book Review by: Rowan

Book by: Stephanie Meyer
Book Length: 498 pages

Story Summary: this story is about a teenage girl called Bella Swan who decides to move away from her mom and step-dad in Phoenix, Arizona, and move in with her dad in Forks, Washington. There she starts high-school and falls head over heels for a one hundred four year old vampire called Edward Cullen. Together they go on adventures, and Bell discovers the dangers and wonders of being a vampire and soon she wants to be one herself………….Read the next book in the series to find out what happens next.

Your Review: I liked this book and would recommend it because it has adventure, thrill, and comedy(kinda). Although it might not be for everyone because it was a little cheesy. My favorite character was the main character, Bella Swan, or her unsuspecting parents, Renee and Charlie. This book is a movie so, if you liked it be sure to check that out, too. I really think you should read this book next time because it is an all around great book, although people have been very controversial about this book so if you don’t like it, that’s OK, because this is a split nation sort of thing so be sure to check it out!