The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey

Book Review by: Grace

Book by: Chris Colfer
Book Length: 464 pages

Story Summary: Alex and Conner Bailey’s uncle Lloyd (known as the Masked Man) has recruited an army that has the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys, the Queen of Hearts and her card soldiers, and Captain Hook and his pirates to take over the fairy-tale world and rule it. The twins decided to recruit an army from Conner’s writing from eighth grade, but there probably isn’t enough time to, because the Masked Man already captured the royal families, which has Queen Cinderella, Queen Snow White, and Queen Sleeping Beauty, and Queen Rapunzel and others. He wanted to execute them and rule a land of his own and the army that he recruited. Alex and Conner’s heart doesn’t only belong to the regular human world, but also the fairy tale. They want to save everybody and all of their friends. Will they ever recruit their whole army or will their uncle execute the royal families and kill everybody in the fairy-tale world?

Your Review: I really like it how the Bailey twins are determined to recruit an army and save the fairy tale world. I didn’t like it how the Masked Man and his army captured the royal families and want to execute them.


Tigers Curse

Book Review by: Maggie

Book by: Colleen Houck
Book Length: 402 pages

Story Summary: Kelsey Hayes is just really, Normal. But the catch is her parents died in a huge car wreck when she was VERY, VERY, Young. She lives with her foster family and lives like anyone else. She is in high school and is a junior.

Your Review: First off, lets start with Kelsey Hayes. I don’t like her a lot because shes always very in-decisive. Secondly, Dhiren, Ren, He’s kinda frustrating, I don’t have much of an opinion on him because he lies in the middle. I dunno, but I have a third character that I actually like trust me! Mr. Kadam is my favorite character because he’s very thoughtful and generous, he always puts others before himself. I don’t think this book would make a good movie honestly, but I dunno who would star in it either.
I would definitely recommend this! Its interesting and has many Cliff-Hangers, a lot of good character development and etc. I think anyone who is into a sorta Romance-Fantasy would enjoy this, its an AWESOME book. But trust me when I say this, If you don’t like getting that involved in books then don’t check this out. Cya, Good luck!!

The Last Kids on Earth

Book Review by: Logan

Book by: Max Brallier
Book Length: 225 pages

Story Summary: In this book there are four main characters Jack, Quint, Dirk, June. Jack is the post-apocaliptic hero. Quint is the Nerdy scientist. Dirk aka Dirk Savage is the bully, and June is the pretty girl that jack try’s to save. The time is in the apocalypse. Jack was trying to defeat a big monster and along the way he found his best friend, his bully, and his crush. He was trying to save June.

Your Review: One thing I liked about this book is how smart and tough Jack was. One thing I didn’t like was when ever Jack went to save June she told him she didn’t need it. My favorite character was Dirk because he took monsters and zombies down with his bare hands. Yes this book would make a good movie and I think someone that was kind of like Jack in the book could star in it. Students that like zombies and monsters would like to read it because that’s a big part of the story. Yes I recommend it because it’s interesting. Yes they should because it’s not that hard to read and it’s a little humorus.


House of Secrets

Book Review by: John Mark M.

Book by: Chris Columbus,Ned Vizzini
Book Length: 490 pages

Story Summary: Cordelia (15),Brendan (12),Eleanor (8) are moving into a new home with there family in San Francisco . When they move in they find a women,but their parents don’t know. She’s very odd and looks wicked in a way know one can explain. She also was bald and she was the wind… ha ha can’t tell you no spoilers. Brendan came running in to tell his parents and his sisters but they were trembling in fear because…again no spoilers you’ll have to read it,it is really good:^) Alright one more paragraph since you like it so much. There they were Cordelia,Brendan and Eleanor standing there as they were rolling down a hill with a giant. The giant was trying to catch a huge dragonfly. The End, Cliffhanger!

Your Review: My opinions about this book are: you need to read it, it is the best series you will ever read in your life time, it’s just a really expressive imaginative book! I like this book because it really made my imagination come to life and I could read it not just for fun but for life. It let me express my-self and it had some die-for moments. I want you to read this because I think you would like it and you would just go on and on for this book that’s how much I like it and I bet you would too.


The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

Book Review by: Tucker

Book by: Chris Colfer
Book Length: 464 pages

Story Summary: Alex and Connor are just 2 ordinary kids living in a ordinary town or so they thought. Alex and Connor Bailey are twins. Their died in a car crash and their mom works really long hours. It’s Alex and Connors birthday. Their grandma comes to visit them and as a present she gets them a big fairy tale book. Alex keeps throwing pencils on the book because they keep on disapearing. Then one night she gets sucked into it and her brother does too. They fall on their butts right on the yellow brick road. Alex and Connor have to find items to get them back to the real world. Read as Alex and Connor go on the adventure of their lives. They make friends, enemies, and even help Sleeping Beauty not sleep. Will they make it back to the real world or will they be stuck in the Land of Stories for the rest of their lives.

Your Review: I liked that part of it took place in the real world and part of it was in a fantasy world, because the book would be boring if it was justs in the real world. The part I didn’t like was that Alex and Connors mom didn’t make it home for their birthday dinner.
My favorite character was Froggy beacuase he helped the twins in the Land of Stories and he was funny. Yes, I think this would make a great movie and I think that Griffin Gluck can be Connor and Isabela Monet can be Alex, because their good kid actors and it would make a great movie because I want to see the movie come alive.
I think students who like fantasy, and fairy tales, and anybody who wants to read a good book should read The Wishing Spell, because it’s a good book and I think that basicaly anybody would like this book. I would recommend it to everybody in the whole world, because they need to read this book. Yes tehy should read it for their next book choice because it’s magical.


Catching Fire

Book Review by: Anna

Book by: Suzanne Collins
Book Length: 391 pages

Story Summary: This book is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen. She was chosen to be in the Hunger Games, and won with a boy named Peeta Mellark. The President wants her to show the districts that she is one of them. Peeta and Katniss are dazed and just want to forget what happened to them. They are thrown back into reality when the president pulls the card for the Quarter Quell. Now all Katniss is doing is trying to keep Peeta alive for the expense of her own life.

Your Review: I loved this book.It is very good. The author is detailed and lets you know whats happening. She writes very good books. I really liked the whole book and there were no parts where I didn’t like it. Suzanne Collins has really good characters in her books, but I would have to go with Peeta. Peeta is the boy who went in with Katniss during the Hunger games. They both won. He is always so nice and true to everyone. He always looks for the good in people and helps people out.

This book is already a movie. There are four movies. Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay 1, Mockingjay 2. They are all very good. Jennifer Lawrence,
Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth are the Stars. They are really good actors.

The students who would read this book are people who really like good descriptive books. People who like to read. will read this book. I would totally recommend this book because it is so good, and I think many people would enjoy it. I think If you want you could read it now, but if you don’t like blood or death maybe steer away. It doesn’t have like bad stuff. I think I would recommend it.

This is one of the best books I have ever read.


The Hunger Games

Book Review by: Miller

Book by: Suzanne Collins
Book Length: 374 pages

Story Summary: The Hunger Games is about a girl named Katniss who has to go into the Hunger Games. She is from district 12, and every year they draw a girl and a boy from each district to compete in it. This year a boy named Peeta is drawn for the boys in her district, but her little sister Prim is drawn for the girls so Katniss steps up to take her place. All the districts 1-12 have to survive in an arena filled with all kinds of things. Who will win? Will Katniss have to kill Peeta? Read the Hunger Games to find out.

Your Review: The Hunger Games is a very good book! What I really liked about the book was how it was always filled with excitement and you never knew what was going to happen next. What I really didn’t like was how it was little to gruesome. My favorite character was probably Rue because she wasn’t the main character in the book she was super intelligent and fast and around my age. This book was also made into a movie. The movie is really good, but I like the book better. I think that students who like to read fantasy or science fiction would really like this book because it’s filled with lots of things that wouldn’t happen in the real world. I would recommend it because it’s filled with lots of adventure and excitement. I think that you should read it for your next book choice because it will really excite you and make you sit on the edge of your seat wanting to know what will happen next. I think you should defiantly try reading The Hunger Games as your next book!