The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

Book Review by: Reese

Book by: The Boy at the Pop of the Mountain
Book Length: 260 pages

Story Summary: A little boy named Pierrot used to live with his parents and lived wonderfully in Paris ,but one day that all changed. His parents died and he has to go and live with hie father’s sister, Aunt Beatrix in a wealthy Austrian home. It is not a good time though. World War two is fast approaching and this is no ordinary house.Will Pierrot still be the kind generous little boy he was when he first came? Or will he change and have a new way of thinking about everything in the world like many others did? You will just have to see for yourself.

Your Review: I absolutely loved this book.It is so exciting and you never know what will happen next .The book will keep you up all night long.It sure made me. To me, my favorite character wasn’t the main character, it was one of the main characters classmates,Katrina. She was so confident and had her own ideas and wouldn’t let anyone change what she thought was wrong and right.I think that if you like history,but you also don’t want it to be to boring then you should read this book! If you like mystery it also has a little of that in it too. Overall this is a great book.YOU should defiantly read it!


Prisoner B-3087

Book Review by: Catherine

Book by: Alan Gratz
Book Length: 272 pages

Story Summary: Yanek Gruener is a Jewish boy in Poland who is about to go through the unimaginable. Ten concentration camps. Ten places that could get you killed. Yanek Gruener finds himself wondering what’s the point to live. Will Yanek be able to live through the torture of the concentration camps? Will he have any hope that he even wants to live? Find out by reading Prisoner B-3087!

Your Review: Prisoner B-3087 was an amazing book! I loved this book because it kept the reader locked in! You won’t be able to put this book down. It showcased the real history that happened during World War 2. This book was an eye opener! I really loved everything about this book. The only thing is, don’t read this book if you do not like sad things, or sometimes there will be some death. That unfortunately is what happened though in concentration camps. There was really only one main character in this book but then it had not characters throughout the book.
This book would definitely make a good read, although it would probably be for older and more mature kids. That is because in a few scenes there would be some death. Students who enjoy mystery and thrillers would definitely like this book. Also it is a really good book to teach history with so if you were learning about that topic you could just read it. I would recommend it because it is just a really good book to read about even if you don’t really care about it. It teaches a lot of history, and is an amazing read! You should definitely read this for your next book!

I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912

Book Review by: Jack

Book by: Lauren Tarshis
Book Length: 96 pages

Story Summary: The story is about a kid named George Calder and his sister Phoebe that got a trip to the titanic. They are on the trip with their aunt. George has been wanting to go on the titanic for a very long time. Then the unthinkable happened the R.M.S Titanic had hit an iceberg and water starts going into the boat. George is afraid that he will not escape the so called the unsinkable titanic. That is my summary of the story.

Your Review: I really liked this book. It engaged me into the point of view of what a ten-year-old boy may be going through in this event. My favorite character was George, because the story had an adventure that he wasn’t expecting. If you are a student that likes american history like me I recommend you to read this book. That is why I really liked this book.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Book Review by: Olivia

Book by: Jon Boyne
Book Length: 216 pages

Story Summary: The boy in the striped pajamas is about a boy who’s dad works for Hitler but he doesn’t know it. So they have to move next to the concentration camp and since the little boy can see this concentration camp from his bedroom window he starts to wonder what it is. Once he goes to check it out he meets a new friend(the boy in the striped pajamas) but he doesn’t know that his friend is being tortured. The boy and his friend will get in a lot of trouble but they will also have fun.

Your Review: I liked this book because it gave me a look into WW2 and how bad it was for the jewish people. Even though i though it could be more non realistic i still liked it. The reason i wish it wasn’t so realistic is because it gave me TOO much detail. I also think the author could have made it a little more “kid friendly”. Even though that is my opinion i still think it was a really good book.

Project 1065

Book Review by: Ella

Book by: Alan Gratz
Book Length: 303 pages

Story Summary: A boy named Michael lives with his parents in Germany during World War 2. He is pretending to want to be part of the Hitler Youth. But secretly they are spies. Michael has a very important job. He needs to steal secret plans for jet planes, and protect a scientist who knows how to possibly create an atomic bomb that could win the war for the Allies. Along the way he will go through a lot of obstacles. Most importantly his fear of heights.

Your Review: I liked this book because it talked about World War 2. And we are learning about World War 2 in Social Studies right now. It was also really good because it was from the perspective of a Jew, Hitler Youth boy, and leaders of other countries fighting in the war. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that a lot of main characters died. My favorite character was Michael’s friend Fritz. Because even though he was small he still lead their troop and defended himself. If you like to learn about history than you would really like this book. It is also a good book because it isn’t too long, and all of the book is really interesting. I would really recommend this book. You should choose this book because it was also in the book fair.

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic

Book Review by: Alex

Book by: Lauren Tarshis
Book Length: 96 pages

Story Summary: George Calder and his little sister Phoebe are on the Titanic with their aunt. They don’t think that it will sink because everybody thought it was unsinkable. George always likes to explore even if it gets him into lots trouble. Then the titanic hits an ice burg and George ends up getting stranded in lots of water. Will he make it out?

Your Review: I really liked this book because it had lots of detail and descriptive words. Another reason I liked was because instead of waiting to get to a good part of the book it always had a little something going on. I wish it was a little bit longer but other than that I really enjoyed it.
I don’t think they should make a movie because it would be really hard to make the set and find actors to star in it. My favorite character was Phoebe because she is a really good sister to her brother. I think that my peers should read it because it is a really cool book and you can learn about the titanic at the same time.

I Survived The Joplin Tornado, 2011

Book Review by: Jay

Book by: Lauren Tarish
Book Length: 89 pages

Story Summary: This is a story about Dexter James and the events leading up to the Joplin Tornado. First we are introduced to him during the tornado where he is in a SUV. One day earlier he was talking about his brother and life was normal for Dex. When He was riding home with his dog Zeke he crashed when Zeke flung him off his bike but zeke was protecting him from being hit by a SUV. The owner Of the SUV came to see if he was OK and when Dex saw who it was he said Dr. Norman Cage, a storm chaser with his own T.V. show Dex and Jeremy watched together. When Dr. Gage started talking to Dex they found out Dex’s dad was Dr. gages room mate in college. Dr. Gage invited him to go storm chasing. The day after Dex’s parents let him go with Dr. Gage And they went storm chasing. Read the book to see what happens next

Your Review: It was a very good book because. it shows that one day its just a normal day and your just minding your own business but the next there could be a massive storm and every thing you know could be destroyed and it shows that being a storm chaser can be dangerous. I also like how the characters have there own problems its not just nobody that are just put in a situation.