Kid Lawyer

Book Review by: James

Book by: John Grishham
Book Length: 288 pages

Story Summary: The place where it takes place is in the court room in a small town. A kid named Theodore Boone is the main character and he is a kid lawyer. First, there was a murder. Then, Theodore Boone got caught in the middle of the trail and has to decide what to do. If he comes forward a illegal Immigrant will be arrested and betrayed his trust. He knows whats right but he doesn´t know what to do. So, what will he do.

Your Review: What I liked about the book was how the author made the book to keep you guessing but you could never figure out what the awesere was. And to be honest, everything about this book was good. There was never a dull part. The book always kept me entertained and mainly because of my favorite character, Theodore Boone. He always was doing something I could never do. He knew so much about court that he was always one step ahead of everyone. I don´t like to read but this book kept me reading. If you like mystery books, this is a great book. And even if you don´t, I think you should still read it. This was my favorite book ever. You should read it.


The Maze Runner

Book Review by: Catherine

Book by: James Dashner
Book Length: 375 pages

Story Summary: What would you do if you where trapped in a maze and couldn’t get out? Well, that is what the gladers are trying to figure out. They arrive and don’t remember anything, but there names. Some have been there for up to two years, where as some have just gotten there the month before, like Thomas the main character. The have different jobs to do and one is the runner which tries to find ways to get out of the maze. Why is it so hard to get out of the maze? There are creatures called grievers that will try to kill you any chance that they get, and the maze walls shift every night. Then a girl arrives. The first girl they have ever gotten, and the last person they will ever get. Will they be able to get out of the maze? Then read The Maze Runner and find out!

Your Review: I love The Maze Runner! It is so entertaining and there is a twist in almost every chapter! It was fast paced and was never boring. The only thing that I didn’t like is that it ended but, it is a series so there are three more books! My favorite character is probably Teresa. She is so tough and strong. She is also the only girl in the book, which I think is really cool! The really cool thing is that this book was so good… it was made into a movie! Just make sure that you read the book first! I think that people that do’t like a boring book should read this! It is a cliff hanger! Over all, I love this book and think that everyone should read it!


Book Review by: Katherine

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 292 pages

Story Summary: This story is about a girl named Katrina and she move to North Carolina with her sister that has breathing problems and that is why her family moved there. Her and her sister meets this boy who is obsessed with ghost and Katrina thinks that he is annoying and Katrina doesn’t believe the boy that ghost are real so he takes Katrina and his sister and….

Your Review: I liked this book because it has a lot of mysteries and excitement and sometimes the people in the book are speechless that’s what I mostly like about it because I like mysteries and excitement in a book. One thing that I didn’t like about this book is the boy and Katrina couldn’t get along at friends until the end I didn’t like that because it was said to read there fights in the book.

Mt favorite character in the book is Katrina because even though she and the boy had a lot of fights she was still a nice person and she cared about her sister a lot. I think this book would make a great movie but i am not really sure who should star I guess Katrina because she has a lot more problems and excitement in the story. The students that I think would like to read this book it Caroline Morton, Nella Yoder, Alex, Piper Davis, Brooke Bull. I would recommend you to read this book because it has a lot of thinking in it and at the end it’s a very sweet part. Yes I think my classmates should read it because it has some problems that maybe one of us has and and it’s very cool to think about why you are reading it.

The Bad beginning

Book Review by: Kate

Book by: Daniel Handler
Book Length: 162 pages

Story Summary: Klaus, Violet, and Sunny are having a great day on the beach when Mr. Poe comes to tell hem horrible news. Their parents have died in a fire not just that all their furniture is destroyed. Mr. Poe promises to get Klaus, Violet, and Sunny a new guardian. Mr. Poe decides to take them all to a distant relative they haven’t ever met named Mr. Olaf. Mr. Olaf house isn’t just dirty he only gave the kids one bed and a cardboard box to keep all their clothes in. I wonder what will happen next?

Your Review: I like this book because it’s not just a mystery it’s a book about life. This may happen to you or even friends or family member one day. I don’t like the way Mr. Olaf treats them when they first arrive night one. That’s going to make them think this is going to be pretty awful. My favorite character is probably Sunny. I love Sunny because of the things she does. If this book was to make a good movie which it probably could I think Klaus would be the star in the movie because he’s always finding ways to help them. I think students that usually aren’t willing to read would love this book. People who like mystery’s would also probably like this book. I would recommend this book because most people like mystery books. I most importantly think my peers should read it next because it’s not too long and it’s not to short, but it’s also very interesting. This has been one of my favorite books I have ever read.

Dare to Be Scared

Book Review by: Samuel

Book by: Robert D. San Souci
Book Length: 159 pages

Story Summary: This book didn’t have any main characters because it was a mixture of a whole bunch of miniature stories

Your Review: What I liked about this book is that it had a lot of short scary stories and they put it into a big scary book. What I didn’t like was that there were so many short stories that it was hard to keep up with everything that happened in them. My favorite story was “The Dark, Dark house because it was very scary. It wouldn’t be a good movie because it would so much to remember. I think students that have good memory and students that really enjoy scary books and scary movies would really enjoy this book. I recommend this book because it is really cool and sometimes they leave a cliff hanger and you wonder what will happen next. You should read this for your next book choice because it is very interesting, scary, thrilling, and fun.


Book Review by: Caroline

Book by: Mary Downing Hahn
Book Length: 264 pages

Story Summary: A witch called Old Auntie is lurking near Dan’s family’s new home. He doesn’t believe in her at first, but is forced to accept that she is real and take action when his little sister, Erica, is ‘took’ to become Auntie’s slave for the next fifty years

Your Review: I loved this book the most of all I’ve read because it’s so interesting to sit down and have an adventure of your own through reading a book. It has so much action and very much a big mystery.

Series of Unfortunate Events, A Bad Beginning

Book Review by: Will

Book by: Daniel Handler/Lemony Sniket
Book Length: 190 pages

Story Summary: This story is about a group of kids named Sunny, Klaus, and Violet’s parents die in a fire then have to go live with a distant cousin named Count Olaf who is evil and want to steal the Baudelaire fortune so he can buy a new house and decoration, but they can not use it until Violet becomes 16 so Count Olaf makes a “Play” where he “Fake” marries Violet to get the fortune. Then Violet finds out and Count Olaf puts Sunny in a cage up 20 stories and holds here off the side until the wedding, but then they tell everyone and they all get caught.

Your Review: This Book do not read all in a row because you will get depressed, but over all the book is great.