a dogs purpous

Book Review by: hayden

Book by: w.bruce cameron
Book Length: 235 pages

Story Summary: there were sevaral main characters in the book i dont want to name them becaus i want you to find there names out but i will tell you the first setting they were by dranige stream living peacefully when they went out to hunt somthing happend a terable thing happend and it all happend so fast he ended up somwere strange with sevaral other dogs read the book to find out what happend

Your Review: i like this book becaus its funny a lot of wonder and eximent and olso sad parts very sad parts belive me its also interesting i mean in the begining its interesting and its full of action i mean funny action not the bloody gory action like in scary movies its also got comady so next time you see this book chek it out


Shark Girl

Book Review by: Carsyn

Book by: Kelly Bingham
Book Length: 276 pages

Story Summary: Shark Girl is an amazing book about a fifteen year old girl named, Jane Arrowood, who went to the California beach with her family. It was a hot summery day in June but a horrible day to. That day was the day Jane was attacked by a shark. She was airlifted to a hospital and was rushed into surgery. She lived but something was different about her. They doctors told her mother that they tried but weren’t able to save Jane’s arm. From that day forward Jane was the girl, the one who was missing an arm, the one who everyone felt sorry for, but most importantly she was the one who they called shark girl.

Your Review: What I loved about this book was how loved Jane was and how everyone had hope for her through out the story. I didn’t like the part when the kids at school made fun of her. Although I really like Jane my favorite character was Justin because he knew what it was like being made fun of, missing his leg, but he helped Jane move out of the dark side and back into the light. Also he didn’t judge her like most people typically would he wanted to be her friend because of what was on the inside not what was on the outside. I think this book would make a great movie because one it is a really, really good book, and two because i’m interested to see who they will use to portray the role of Jane and Justin. I would highly recommend this book because I teaches you a little something about judging people based on what they look like where its about what is on the inside. I think my classmates should read this as their next book because it is one of the very best books I’ve ever read.

Cat in the hat

Book Review by: Braylan

Book by: Dr.suecs
Book Length: All pages

Story Summary: The cat in the hat brother and sister fish and thing 1 and thing 2

Your Review: Cause it a fun book to read and I know other people like because there are other seasons of this book at looks to read.I Like this book so i wound’t stop liking My favorite character in the book is thing 1 because he fun and funny and he a trouble maker and I love me some trouble and I find him fun to hang with.I don’t know but i think cat in the hat already a movie but it would make a good movie because its fun to watch and funny and Cat and his friends are just cool people.Students would like this book because its entertainment and its a long book.yes I would because I like and other people do to. yes cause Its a good book R.I.P my Good man Dr.suecess


Home Run

Book Review by: Avery

Book by: Tim Green
Book Length: 352 pages

Story Summary: In this book the main characters are Josh, Bengi, and Jaden. Josh’s parents get divorced and his dad wants to move to Florida with Josh. Josh has a travel team that he’s been with for years. Going to Florida would mean losing his old house .Read to find out what happens to Josh, he could go to the derby in Houston or lose every thing.

Your Review: I loved reading Home Run. I read this book this year and I still have not found a better book. I think that home run made me mad and at the same time happy because so many bad things were happening to Josh and he was working so hard just to get to the derby by hitting 20 home runs. My favorite character was Josh because he was so into hitting, running, and overall baseball.

I would recommend this book to ANY ONE that likes sports because you have so many thoughts about reading this book. It took me about a week and a half to finish this book. I think this would be a good movie because it is a long book and so many themes and settings are put into this. Home Run is the best book I have ever read.



Book Review by: Hayden

Book by: Jeff Probst
Book Length: 135 pages

Story Summary: One day there were four kids and two adults on a boat for four days. Two of the kids were brother and sister and so were the other two kids. They were all in the middle of the ocean. Then on the fourth day a storm came and shook the boat a lot. They were in a really bad situation. And it was at night so they were running into stuff cause the lights on the boat broke and the boat was shaking a lot.

Your Review: This one of my favorite books ever because I love action books and this is action filled. This would make a good movie and the stars would be the four kids. Kids who like looks of action. I would recommend it because the way it is set up it makes you want to read more and more.yes.



Book Review by: Celia

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 240 pages

Story Summary: The plot of this book is a middle school that mostly focuses on Callie and, twin brothers. Callie is obsessed with theater but she isn’t the best when it comes to acting or singing so, Callie found a hobbie that kept her close to theater- set design. Callie is a very fun girl to hang around with because, she is very kind. Callie also has a crush on someone and, you shall find out if you read! Through theater Callie meets twin brothers who are totally different! Justin is a dramatic and, fun guy who hopes to win the leading role in the musical, Moon Over Mississippi. While Jesse is the more of the quiet guy. Callie can’t tell if there’s a spark between her and Jesse… is there?

Your Review: I liked how there is so much drama between Callie and the twins, Justin and Jessie. I also liked how the story was about theater because, I would like to work back stage when i am in high school. I didn’t like Greg. I didn’t like how Callie and him shared a kiss but, Greg was still hung up on someone else… I guess that’s good for Callie so she won’t have to worry about him. My favorite character from DRAMA would probably be Callie! I love how she is such a good friend and her enthusiasm when it comes to theater. I think this book would and wouldn’t make a good movie. I think this book would be a good movie because, the book is balancing school and drama! On my other hand I don’t think this book would make a good movie because, I think this story is perfect as a comic… no real reason why. I think the the students that are to read DRAMA are, interested in drama and a little bit of romance because, drama and romance mostly happen in this story. I think I would recommend DRAMA. I think I would do so because, I really liked/loved this story. I think my peers SHOULD read this book because, IT’S INTERESTING. We sixth graders love drama and, who doesn’t love a good comic book. Even though comic books might be a deal breaker for book choice I think we would all enjoy it.



Book Review by: Melani

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 197 pages

Story Summary: The book is about two sisters don t get a long and 1 of the sister gets a snack and the other sister is scared about snacks and they have a little brother and the little sister gets mad about they don t put a tanchion to her and they trubal to her ant house and her older sister gets to know her cosines and her old there sister was to put make up and she gets mad becases she docent get a tenchio

Your Review: why a recommend this book becasse if you have a sister and you old wais cood be fating whith her and becases it is a good book and if you have a sister you kwon you old wais fating whith her and