Book Review by: Celia

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 240 pages

Story Summary: The plot of this book is a middle school that mostly focuses on Callie and, twin brothers. Callie is obsessed with theater but she isn’t the best when it comes to acting or singing so, Callie found a hobbie that kept her close to theater- set design. Callie is a very fun girl to hang around with because, she is very kind. Callie also has a crush on someone and, you shall find out if you read! Through theater Callie meets twin brothers who are totally different! Justin is a dramatic and, fun guy who hopes to win the leading role in the musical, Moon Over Mississippi. While Jesse is the more of the quiet guy. Callie can’t tell if there’s a spark between her and Jesse… is there?

Your Review: I liked how there is so much drama between Callie and the twins, Justin and Jessie. I also liked how the story was about theater because, I would like to work back stage when i am in high school. I didn’t like Greg. I didn’t like how Callie and him shared a kiss but, Greg was still hung up on someone else… I guess that’s good for Callie so she won’t have to worry about him. My favorite character from DRAMA would probably be Callie! I love how she is such a good friend and her enthusiasm when it comes to theater. I think this book would and wouldn’t make a good movie. I think this book would be a good movie because, the book is balancing school and drama! On my other hand I don’t think this book would make a good movie because, I think this story is perfect as a comic… no real reason why. I think the the students that are to read DRAMA are, interested in drama and a little bit of romance because, drama and romance mostly happen in this story. I think I would recommend DRAMA. I think I would do so because, I really liked/loved this story. I think my peers SHOULD read this book because, IT’S INTERESTING. We sixth graders love drama and, who doesn’t love a good comic book. Even though comic books might be a deal breaker for book choice I think we would all enjoy it.


Book Review by: Melani

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 197 pages

Story Summary: The book is about two sisters don t get a long and 1 of the sister gets a snack and the other sister is scared about snacks and they have a little brother and the little sister gets mad about they don t put a tanchion to her and they trubal to her ant house and her older sister gets to know her cosines and her old there sister was to put make up and she gets mad becases she docent get a tenchio

Your Review: why a recommend this book becasse if you have a sister and you old wais cood be fating whith her and becases it is a good book and if you have a sister you kwon you old wais fating whith her and

Go Big

Book Review by: Matthew

Book by: Cory Cotton
Book Length: 201 pages

Story Summary: This book is about 5 guys that do trick shots for life. This book is very encouraging to other readers. These 5 guys Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, and Cody Jones. These guys meet up at a church when they were little, when they got bigger and then were students at Texasa&m. After they all graduated they started a Youtube channel called Dude Perfect. Only after a couple of videos they became some famous people. But what I like most about this book is that they are so very encouraging.

Your Review: I would give this book a 100 because I like sports and that Dude Perfect is encouraging. My favorite character is Tyler Toney because I think he is a cool dude, and he is funny. I would make this a movie but they already have a TV show. I would think that kids with passion and like sports would read this book.


Book Review by: amari

Book by: raina telgemeier
Book Length: 239 pages

Story Summary: It takes place in a small town kinda like mexico and they are big on the day of the dead stuff the main person is cat that´s what they call her and her sister maya she has cristc fibosis means she dosen´t get enough food so she takes it at night

Your Review: I really like the way it took some time for her to get used to being in a new town and how they explained how the day of the dead works at first maya that´s the charactors sister she didn´t like ghost until her sister went to the hospital because she was coughfing to much but she started to like it because she meets her grandmother on the day of the dead since she a ghost but overall it´s a good and I think you should read it.

Who Was Amelia Earhart

Book Review by: Brandon

Book by: Boehm Jerome
Book Length: 103 pages

Story Summary: The book was about a woman that wanted to make history. She wanted to fly around the country. she was the first women to drive a plane. It was about her life as plane rider. One of her planes is lost in the pacific ocean.

Your Review: It was alright I suspected facts that I didn’t know about. It didn’t surprise me with some shocking facts but it didn’t. Thats why I thought it was only ok. It didn’t open my eyes open like I thought it would. I felt like it could’ve been so much better than it was. Some people would think I am crazy but I thought it was not good enough.

I Will Always Write Back

Book Review by: Kathryn Claire

Book by: Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda
Book Length: 396 pages pages

Story Summary: The assignment for Caitlin was to write a letter to a chosen country from a list of different countries. Caitlin chose Zimbabwe and the letter was delivered to Martin, a boy Caitlin’s age living in poverty. The country, Zimbabwe, is already poverty stricken and Martin has four or five other siblings so it is hard for all of them to be able to go to school. When Martin gets this letter he writes on back to Caitlin, and trust me, this is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship. This book spans over a few years and switches form the two perspectives of Caitlin and Martin.

Your Review: I loved this book so much, it is an amazing read. It is also a real eye opener, and it is amazing to know that this really happened. Also, Caitlin made a few mistakes here and there so when you read you can see them and not make the mistake she did. Caitlin faces many of the same problems you and I face and you can see what she does and how she handles situations. My favorite characters were, of course, Caitlin and Martin. I think this movie wouldn’t make the best movie because there are so many things in the book that the movie would have to leave out and that just wouldn’t do justice to the book. If it did turn into a movie though, I think Caitlin and Martin should star in it.
I think anybody that likes a book that is written from real events should read this book. Also, if you want to read a real eye opener then this book is definitely for you. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes longer books and real books.