Children of the Holocaust

Book Review by: Reed S.

Book by: Allan Zullo
Book Length: 130 pages

Story Summary: There are 10 incredible stories of children who survived the Holocaust one of them are Seventeen year old Jack Gruener survives a 30 mile death march with frostbite and helps others and his best friend.Hear these sad stories reveal to you as these men and women share their story to the Germans,and Jews but mostly to the world of violence and hatred.

Your Review: I think you should read it because it is an inspiring story of 10 kids who came over extreme dificulties and saved themselves but saved others like their family and friends.My favorite person or story was of this girl who had to survive with her mom and they became parstians (people who group together to destroy
major bridges and and bomb cargo trains to stop Hitler)and they get caught by 2 German soldiers and her mom tells them they are on the Germans side and trying to escape the Red Men. So they escape the Germans and they find men who are on the Allies and they survive the Holocaust. I recommend it because people are forgetting what happened and we all need to know the story of the Holocaust. I think you should share to others to tell the story of the Holocaust.


Lost In The Pacific

Book Review by: Mills

Book by: Tod Olson
Book Length: 176 pages

Story Summary: Eight men get on an airplane and while they try to find their next stop they get lost. They run out of gas and are forced to pilot into the middle of 68 million square miles of shark infested waters, the Pacific Ocean. They go down faster and faster and when they hit the water they must get all of the supplies they can to survive, but they forget the food and water. They must find a way to survive out in the middle of the Pacific with no food or water for 3 weeks. They are, LOST!

Your Review: This book was one of the greatest books I have read in my entire life. I can´t stop reading it, so far I have read it 3 times and only had it for about a year. It is very exciting and you never what´s going to happen like if they will survive. The only way to find is to read this incredible story about eight men getting lost in the biggest ocean in the whole world.
My favorite character was this old guy named Rickenbacker who was in a war and had gone through many things before like even his plane crashed on land before all this happened. If this book has or had a movie I would probably be addicted to it and watch it 100 times. Of you are into crazy things like surviving for three whole weeks in 68 million miles of shark infested water, then this should defiantly be your next book. The people do some crazy things that you wouldn´t even imagine could happen.

Monsters of the Deep: Deep Sea Adaptation

Book Review by: Dedrick

Book by: Kelly Regan Barnhill
Book Length: 29 pages

Story Summary: Scientists study the bacteria found at these wants to discover how they survive. Some scientists think information about this bacteria will help them find new ways to made food and medicine. Also, they are looking at ways we might use this bacteria to clean up oil spills in the ocean.

Your Review: The story is on animals from the the deep and how that survive. The scientists study this because that try to lean about the deep to make subs to go and Explore the deep to find new animals from the deep.

the saturday boy

Book Review by: shantasia

Book by: David Fleming
Book Length: 261 pages

Story Summary: so there this boy that thought saturday was friday and was raining and his friend was laughing at him and went tell everyone at his school and then they started calling him the saturday boy

Your Review: that this boy had a name in his school but he still liked school. that his friend went around tell people about how he thought it was friday. Richter is my favorite character . yes because its like a good book. 5th /12th students because this is something that will happen .

New York Giants

Book Review by: Jerayl

Book by: Jim Para
Book Length: 36 pages

Story Summary: The New York giants Players are the super champions every year they play vs the jets at metlife stadlium

Your Review: Is Peyton manning from the broncos and he had won few NFL Super Bowl Rings. and he was said a speech about he´s going to retire the colts for 10 years. he moving on to the broncos at 2014.

How To Disapear

Book Review by: Katherine

Book by: Sharon Huss Roat
Book Length: 384 pages

Story Summary: This book is about a girl that’s best friend moved away and she doesn’t have any other friends that get her. She doesn’t fit in the new school so she spends most of her school day in the bathroom. She realizes a way she can be popular is too post pictures on the internet and use a website on the computer to make her background look like she is somewhere else really cool. I loved this book so much and I know that if you decide to get this book you will love it too!

Your Review: I think this book was really fun to read because it had a lot of things in it that happens in real life. I loved this book so much that I want to read it again.