The kid Owner

Book Review by: Jeffery

Book by: Tim Green
Book Length: 325 pages

Story Summary: The main character is Ryan he did not know that his dad owned the Dallas cowboys.But his father dies unexpectedly, Ryan is given a rare and an amazing opportunity to be the owner of a NFL team.Not only is this a dream come true but it gives Ryan a chance to make it in middle school without being a total social misfit.It mat also help him rise up off the bench of his football team and break into starting lineup.

Your Review: I like every thing about this book.Because I think it would be cool to have your own NFL team and you get to meet all the player that are in the NFL.I did not like the when his dad dies.Because it is hard to hear that someone dies .my faviore chacter is Ryan becase he has a football team.
I think that chris would like it because he really like football.I would recommend it to all my friend because they like football



Book Review by: Chris

Book by: Kwayne Alexander
Book Length: 237 pages

Story Summary: Ok the characters are Josh,dad,Jb and Filthy,” but Filthy and Jb are the main character. And the setting is mostly on a basketball court.

Your Review: My faviorite character is Jb because he makes up these riddles and they sound really cool. I think this would be a good movie and the movie star is Jb. The type of people is people who like basketball.

the new girl heart side bay

Book Review by: Naieya

Book by: Cathy cole
Book Length: 34 pages

Story Summary: Lila murray is determined to leave behind drama of hater old life and make a fresh start in Heart side bay.but when she falls for Ollie the hottest boy at Heart side High, she a instant enemy of Eve the school queen bee

Your Review: I love this this book because I get see what between Murray and Ollie have thing in coman together and if Ollie is going to give Murray some for there first date


A Dog’s Purpose

Book Review by: Laney

Book by: W. Bruce Cameron
Book Length: 336 pages

Story Summary: A dog that is reborn 5 times experiencing different life times with different owners but he is only looking forward to getting back with one owner and runs all the way there to see the owner and the owner opens the door and ……. whoops book blocked read it to find out more.

Your Review: I think that my review was really good and I liked it and i want to read the book again so much but there is not time. I really need to work on where my commas go and that i need longer scentences.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Book Review by: Logan

Book by: Jeff Kinney
Book Length: 217 pages

Story Summary: Diary of a Wimpy Kid takes place in many different settings like school, home, and all kinds of places. The main characters are Greg, Rowley, Rodrick, Manny, and Greg’s parents. This book is about Greg and Rowley are going to middle school and our trying to fit in and stay out of trouble. They try and make friends and trying to work there way to the top and try to be popular. Later on they discover a piece of old moldy cheese on the ground people had told him a story about the cheese touch and the kid that had it and how people were running away from him.They said it got so bad he had to move and nobody touched the cheese since that day.Then he discovers a group of older kids that didn’t like him for something that he did and they made Greg do something that changed the way people thought of him.

Your Review: I think this book is really good. I usually cant sit and read for 20 minutes straight but this book is really interesting and I could read it for an hour. The book is really funny and gives you good laughs. This book also has a movie. The movie is just a little different then the book but it is still a good movie. I would recommend the book. You should definitely read this for your next book.


On The Fence

Book Review by: Emily

Book by: Kasie West
Book Length: 293 pages

Story Summary: The main characters are Charlie Reynolds and Braden. The setting is mostley either on the fence or in her house. Charlie is raised by her dad and her three brothers. Her neighbor (Braden) is basically her fourth brother because he is always at their house. She can outrun, outscore, and outwit every boy she knows.

Your Review: I loved this book! It is only 293 pages long and is very entertaining. I even stayed up till 1:00 am reading it one weekend. On The Fence is by Kasie West, She writes lots of romance novels for middle schoolers just like you! The reason I liked this book is because it was very relatable, it was also exciting because every page you read is letting you learn a new thing about each character. My favorite character was Charlie because she wasn’t afraid of anything. I feel like this book would make an amazing movie. I think the person to star as Charlie would be Kelli Berglund.

I think if you like romance, sports, and Mysteries you would love this book! My favorite part in the book is when Branden is kinda getting mad and tells Charlie that him and her brothers had to tell every boy she talks to that if they talk to her look at her or even think about her that they will hunt them down and hurt them.


Last Of The Breed

Book Review by: Scott

Book by: Louis L’amour
Book Length: 271 pages

Story Summary: Last of the Breed, a 1987 book by Louis L’Amour, tells the fictional story of Native American United States Air Force pilot Major Joseph Makatozi (Joe Mack), shot down by the Soviets over the ocean between Russia and Alaska and then captured. The start of the book chronicles Joe “Mack” Makatozi’s daring escape from captivity.
The success of Mack’s subsequent foot travel, across Siberia to the Bering Strait, is dependent on his Native American hunting, tracking, and evasion skills. It is mentioned several times in the text that these skills had been taught by his people to each generation, over thousands of years. Now, the skilled aviator must remember and practice the archery, fire-making, tracking, stalking, hunting, skinning, and ambush skills taught by his elders. Knowing that “a man with a knife can survive”, he sneaks into a miner’s cabin, and leaving no evidence he was there, steals preserved food, a heavy sweater, and a knife. Although this knife is needed for Mack to survive in the wilderness, his theft of the knife gives the Yakut tracking him a clue as to where to begin searching for Mack.
Mack also has strong attachments to his people’s discipline and self-mastery. When he comes upon an army patrol he crawls inside an old hollow tree to hide. His pursuers make camp in the same area, and he must remain motionless until it gets dark, and only the sentries are awake. When captured, he is roughly beaten by his pursuers, but true to his heritage, he never makes a sound. A man who previously informed on him unlocks the shed he is in and allows Mack to escape.

Your Review: I like the kind of books that are action pact like this book because it is hard to set down the book with a story like this. United States Air Force pilot Major Joseph Makatozi (Joe Mack) is my favorite character because he walks across the hole Siberia while being chased by the KGB Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti it was the main security agency for the Soviet Union.
The kids that love action pact books I would definitely recommend this book to. Personally this was my favorite book of all time so if I was you I would read this book.