The Maze Runner

Book Review by: Jack

Book by: James Dashner
Book Length: 375 pages pages

Story Summary: The Maze Runner is about a boy named Thomas who comes to a place called the Glade which is enclosed by walls and full of boys like him. Outside the walls is a giant maze full of monsters that come out at night. The walls protect the boys from the monsters at night. Thomas finds many friends in the Glade but he also finds some enemies. When Thomas arrives in the glade everything starts to change and he must help his new friends survive The Maze!

Your Review: The Maze Runner is a exiting action packed book where a boy names Thomas wakes up in a wall enclosed place full of teenage boys, called the Glade. Thomas has no memories except for his name. All the boys have no memories except for there name. The walls around the Glade close every night and open every morning. Outside the walls is a giant maze full of monsters that only come out at night. The boys all stay away from the maze at night and the walls protect them at night, but when Thomas comes things start to change. The boys must survive in the Maze at night, and Thomas is the only one who can save them!