Book Review by: Sarah Beth

Book by: Veronica Roth
Book Length: 487 pages pages

Story Summary: The main characters name is Beatrice Prior. She has a brother named Caleb and a mother and father. She lives in a faction called Abnegation and they are known for being selfless and always putting themselves last. The five factions are Abnegation (the selfless), Erudite (the intelligent), Dauntless (the brave), Candor
(the honest), and Amity (the peaceful). Beatrice feels like she doesn’t fit in with the Abnegation because she is to selfish, but if she leaves she will look like a traitor to her family. Will Beatrice stay with her family and be an outsider? Or will she leave fit in but be a traitor?

Your Review: I loved this book because it goes through the life and perspective of Beatrice Prior. I liked all of her adventures and obstacles she faces as she grows up. I didn’t like all of the violence that happens and the fact that the their problems are never really resolved. My favorite character is Four. He is a secretive person who won’t answer questions and has a very damaged past. It is already a movie and is a series. I think that middle schoolers would love this book. My peers should choose this as their next book.


Tigers Curse

Book Review by: Maggie

Book by: Colleen Houck
Book Length: 402 pages

Story Summary: Kelsey Hayes is just really, Normal. But the catch is her parents died in a huge car wreck when she was VERY, VERY, Young. She lives with her foster family and lives like anyone else. She is in high school and is a junior.

Your Review: First off, lets start with Kelsey Hayes. I don’t like her a lot because shes always very in-decisive. Secondly, Dhiren, Ren, He’s kinda frustrating, I don’t have much of an opinion on him because he lies in the middle. I dunno, but I have a third character that I actually like trust me! Mr. Kadam is my favorite character because he’s very thoughtful and generous, he always puts others before himself. I don’t think this book would make a good movie honestly, but I dunno who would star in it either.
I would definitely recommend this! Its interesting and has many Cliff-Hangers, a lot of good character development and etc. I think anyone who is into a sorta Romance-Fantasy would enjoy this, its an AWESOME book. But trust me when I say this, If you don’t like getting that involved in books then don’t check this out. Cya, Good luck!!

The Crossover

Book Review by: Jonas

Book by: Kwame Alexander
Book Length: 237 pages

Story Summary: The Crossover was about JB and Josh Bell, two twins that are both very good at basketball. They play basketball for their school. There team name is named the Wildcats. There dad’s name is Chuck Bell, he was the captain of an Italian team that one back to back Euroleague championships. He could play basketball. Chuck Bell is known for his crossover. In the middle of the book, Josh gets nervous that JB won’t spend anytime with him anymore, and throws the ball at JB as hard as he can and hits him in the nose. Josh and JB’s mom is the princable of their school, and she suspends Josh from the basketball team. How long will Josh be suspended and will he play for the rest of the year.

Your Review: My favorite character in the book The Crossover is Josh Bell. I like that he is in
highschool and can dunk. What I loved about this is that it is a basketball book and I love basketball, but also I like this book because there are so many different things going on at once. A student that would like to read this book is a person that likes sports and action packed stuff. That is why I chose this book.


The kid Owner

Book Review by: Jeffery

Book by: Tim Green
Book Length: 325 pages

Story Summary: The main character is Ryan he did not know that his dad owned the Dallas cowboys.But his father dies unexpectedly, Ryan is given a rare and an amazing opportunity to be the owner of a NFL team.Not only is this a dream come true but it gives Ryan a chance to make it in middle school without being a total social misfit.It mat also help him rise up off the bench of his football team and break into starting lineup.

Your Review: I like every thing about this book.Because I think it would be cool to have your own NFL team and you get to meet all the player that are in the NFL.I did not like the when his dad dies.Because it is hard to hear that someone dies .my faviore chacter is Ryan becase he has a football team.
I think that chris would like it because he really like football.I would recommend it to all my friend because they like football


princess in waiting

Book Review by: shantasia

Book by: meg cabot
Book Length: 225 pages

Story Summary: Nor have her own subjects,for that matter. Mia royal introduction to Genovia has mixed results:while her fashion sense is widely applauded, her position on the installation of public parking meters is met with resistance. But the politics of bureaucracy are nothing next to Mia’s real troubles.

Your Review: I like this book because I love to read princess books and i think this book is really cool.I don’t have a part that i don’t like.My favorite character is Mia. Mia’s my favorite cause she’s the princess.I think it would be a good movie but i don’t know who would be a good person to play Mia or the other’s. people that like princess movies ,books or who want to be one , one day would like to read it.I might recommend it .i might read a princess ,only reason i would want to read a princess book because i want to be one.


A Dog’s Purpose

Book Review by: Laney

Book by: W. Bruce Cameron
Book Length: 336 pages

Story Summary: A dog that is reborn 5 times experiencing different life times with different owners but he is only looking forward to getting back with one owner and runs all the way there to see the owner and the owner opens the door and ……. whoops book blocked read it to find out more.

Your Review: I think that my review was really good and I liked it and i want to read the book again so much but there is not time. I really need to work on where my commas go and that i need longer scentences.


a dogs purpous

Book Review by: hayden

Book by: w.bruce cameron
Book Length: 235 pages

Story Summary: there were sevaral main characters in the book i dont want to name them becaus i want you to find there names out but i will tell you the first setting they were by dranige stream living peacefully when they went out to hunt somthing happend a terable thing happend and it all happend so fast he ended up somwere strange with sevaral other dogs read the book to find out what happend

Your Review: i like this book becaus its funny a lot of wonder and eximent and olso sad parts very sad parts belive me its also interesting i mean in the begining its interesting and its full of action i mean funny action not the bloody gory action like in scary movies its also got comady so next time you see this book chek it out