Children of the Holocaust

Book Review by: Reed S.

Book by: Allan Zullo
Book Length: 130 pages

Story Summary: There are 10 incredible stories of children who survived the Holocaust one of them are Seventeen year old Jack Gruener survives a 30 mile death march with frostbite and helps others and his best friend.Hear these sad stories reveal to you as these men and women share their story to the Germans,and Jews but mostly to the world of violence and hatred.

Your Review: I think you should read it because it is an inspiring story of 10 kids who came over extreme dificulties and saved themselves but saved others like their family and friends.My favorite person or story was of this girl who had to survive with her mom and they became parstians (people who group together to destroy
major bridges and and bomb cargo trains to stop Hitler)and they get caught by 2 German soldiers and her mom tells them they are on the Germans side and trying to escape the Red Men. So they escape the Germans and they find men who are on the Allies and they survive the Holocaust. I recommend it because people are forgetting what happened and we all need to know the story of the Holocaust. I think you should share to others to tell the story of the Holocaust.


Stink the incredible shrinking kid

Book Review by: Gariunna

Book by: Peter H.Reynolds
Book Length: 102 pages

Story Summary: The main characters are: Stink, Judy Moody,and his mom and dad.The time and place is at home. It is a really good book.

Your Review: I like the chapters because they are good.I didnt like the way were the mostly likely talked about just how short he is. Why they couldnt just add more details?
Stink because it is mainly about him.No because this is mainly about one thing.mostly people who like to read fantasy. No because it mainly talks about one thing.No because is you dont like fantasy you wouldnt like it.

The cricket in times square

Book Review by: Ben

Book by: George Selden
Book Length: 176 pages

Story Summary: One night, the sounds of New York City–the rumbling of subway trains, thrumming of automobile tires, hooting of horns, howling of brakes, and the babbling of voices–is interrupted by a sound that even Tucker Mouse, a jaded inhabitant of Times Square, has never heard before. Mario, the son of Mama and Papa Bellini, proprietors of the subway-station newhybyhbyjhtstand.

Your Review: What was this new, strangely musical chirping? None other than the mellifluous leg-rubbing of the somewhat disoriented Chester Cricket from Connecticut. Attracted by the irresistible smell of liverwurst, Chester had foolishly jumped into the picnic basket of some unsuspecting New Yorkers on a junket to the country. Despite the insect’s wurst intentions, he ends up in a pile of dirt in Times Square.
Mario is elated to find Chester. He begs his parents to let him keep the shiny insect in the newsstand, assuring his bug-fearing mother that crickets are harmless, maybe even good luck. What ensues is an altogether captivating spin on the city mouse/country mouse story, as Chester adjusts to the bustle of the big city. Despite the cricket’s comfortable matchbox bed (with Kleenex sheets); the fancy, seven-tiered pagoda cricket cage from Sai Fong’s novelty shop; tasty mulberry leaves; the jolly company of Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat; and even his new-found fame as “the most famous musician in New York City,” Chester begins to miss his peaceful life in the Connecticut countryside. The Cricket in Times Square–a Newbery Honor Book in 1961–is charmingly illustrated by the well-loved Garth Williams, and the tiniest details of this elegantly spun, vividly told, surprisingly suspenseful tale will stick with children for years and years. Make sure this classic sits on the shelf of your favorite child, right next to The Wind in the Willows.

Dork Diaries

Book Review by: Keila

Book by: Rachel Rene’e Russell
Book Length: 243 pages

Story Summary: so there is this girl named Nikki Maxwell and this other girl named Mackenzie hollister ,Mackenzie want to make Nikki life miserable so she can feel bad about her self and sometimes Nikki goes and tell on Mackenzie and make her clean things and when she do it , it makes her feel better every day when Mackenzie isn’t messing with her . so Nikki met this boy named Brandon and she fell in love
with him and they talked and Nikki and Brandon started to kiss until Mackenzie
came and messed up the kiss and then Brandon said that he had to go and Mackenzie said” how could you do this to me!!. you’ve ruined my life ” and the story goes on.

Your Review: this book give me lots of information about Nikki life that I like to read.well there’s noting about the book that i don’t like except why did they make the book with bullies and some kids can get the idea of bullying harmless kids they don’t know or got to meet.well Nikki Maxwell is my favorite character because I just think it very nice to make this cause there might be people out there who read this feel they are not the only one with this bullying problem. people who have bullying problems with someone they don’t like. and no this book is not fit to be a movie because it’s not likely for or to me. it very inspiring for many people like me.

Alabama Moon

Book Review by: David

Book by: Watt Key
Book Length: 320 pages

Story Summary: The main idea of the story is about how he lives with his uncle and they are outlaws that don’t know how to act in the town. but have a large bunker built next to them in the woods hiding from the law. they survive in the woods but his father dies of a leg disease. but his son know exactly what to do where to be and how to survive in woods.

Your Review: This story is about how this little boy and his uncle live in the woods alone away from a town and the law. This small family is extra careful not to get caught. They have high stakes a slight coat of rust a bunker underground changing paths every month and dim light in their light lamp. They try not to get caught but a tragic event happens. When his uncle slits his leg and gets it infected with poison and passes.

After his dad tragically dies he lays in his bunker burning letters to his uncle because he said the ashes would reach him and he would get letters back but in unexpected ways. He then went to one of his uncles only friends to see if he was useful but got thrown on the side of the road to be waited on by shelter. he then found a outcast shelter. he spent the night there but found himself lying in the bed inside of it. he then noticed everybody surrounding him when a large boy and him got into a fight but go him thrown out and he continued his journey to…….

Read the book to see where how and why.

Derek Jeter Hit & Miss

Book Review by: Jonas

Book by: Paul Mantell
Book Length: 208 pages

Story Summary: Derek Jeter is on a little league team with all his really good friends. He thinks they are really good. Derek has never won a championship before, in fact, he has never even made the playoffs. He has a kid on his team that is new to school. His name is Dave Hennum. All of the kids at school make fun of him, even Derek´s friends. Derek is Dave´s only friend. Dave´s parents make lots of money and his house is huge. If Derek´s team wants to win, they are going to have to be nice to each other and include each other, including Dave. Will Derek´s team get along, or will they go down hard.

Your Review: I loved this book because it was interesting. I loved there was always either a problem to be solved whether it was Derek getting into trouble or Dave getting bullied. It was a very cool book. The author, Paul Mantell made the book to where you just couldn´t put the book down. You were so anxious to see what happened next. My favorite character was Derek because he was always helping his family out and being nice to Dave and all his other friends. I think it would make a good book because all the stuff in the book had the same effect of the movie. Derek would star in the movie because he was the main character. The students that would love to read this book is 5th to 7th grade because it is about 200 pages long and it is very entertaining for this age. I would recommend it because if we are being honest, I do not like reading but when ever I had time, I would pick the book up and read it. I do not think it is a good idea for the peers next book choice because if you do not like sports, you would not like the book. That is my opinion on the book Derek Jeter Hit & Miss


Book Review by: Hollyn

Book by: R.J. Palacio
Book Length: 311 pages

Story Summary: August Pullman was a normal 10 year old kid who had never been to school before. His face didn’t look like normal kids faces. He had a facial disease called TCS that effected his look. Auggie and his family are scared to send Auggie to school for the first time. His fifth grade year his parents finally find the courage to send him to school. He got made fun of and doesn’t have many friends except one boy named Jack Will. Jack doesn’t care what his friend looks like. Will things changed for Auggie? You will have to read to find out!

Your Review: I really enjoyed the book Wonder and in fact I have read it 3 times in total. One thing I liked was that it has such a good message that you shouldn’t judge someone on how they look. This book actually just came out with a movie and I really want to go see it. I would for sure recommend this book to a friend or student. Once I started to read this book I couldn’t stop. It only took me about a week to read this book because it is so good. I wanted to read it at any time I could. My favorite character beside Auggie would have to be Jack Will. He didn’t care what Auggie looked like he was a friend to him the whole time. The book Wonder was amazing and I would love to read it again. You should definitely read the book Wonder!