Martin Luther King Jr. :The Life Of A Civil Rights Leader

Book Review by: Kiauna

Book by: Jeffery, Gary
Book Length: 43 pages

Story Summary: Martin wanted the blacks to be free and any one slave, so he grew up and started preaching to others and gave a speech.

Your Review: I like how Martin want the blacks to have freedom. I did not like how a man told little kid too get up out of the seat so the other people can sit down. Martin because he wanted blacks to have the right to do things like the other people. Yes, Martin. Students who like Realistic Fiction. Yes because some people might like to see what happened in the civil war. yes it a good story

Harry Potter and The sorcerers stone

Book Review by: Josh

Book by: J.K. Rowling
Book Length: 223 pages

Story Summary: This book is about a boy named Harry Potter that has to live with his aunt uncle and cousin because, his parents died but, he didn´t know how. When it was his cousins birthday they went to a zoo and they went to the snake section but the aunt uncle and cousin think the snake is boring but, Harry talks to him and the snake talks back and harry finds out that he can talk to snakes. Then he gets a letter but, the uncle won´t let him see and after that he get hundreds of the same letters and finally he gets one and he finds out that he has been invited to go to a school for wizards. If you want to find out what happens next read the book.

Your Review: I really like this book because, it has magic mysterious and funny parts in the book. There would only be one part I didn´t really like is when he is still living at his aunt and uncles house because besides the snake and the letters it was kind of boring. My favorite character in the movie was hagret. This book would be a really good movie but, it´s already a movie that´s how good it is. I think students that like fantasy and magic and things like that would really like this book.

I would definintly recommed this book because there is a lot of pages and their is magic and funny parts. Also if you like this book there is a whole series of this book. I think my friends should read this book because it´s very interesting and could be a good experience. Overall I think this book was ver good.

Diary of a Wimpy kid,The Long Haul

Book Review by: Uriel

Book by: Jeff Kinnney
Book Length: 217 pages pages

Story Summary: A family that is going to a field trip that is supposed to be fun but then it turns to be bad with bad luck so then Greg did not wannated to go but he went whcih was
terrible for him and his brother and they both ant the and had a little fun but greg lost the key of the house and they had to stay outside of the house and sleep, the next day they forgot the wallet and it turn out funny for every one.

Your Review: I think that this book was really good because it tells the family fun that is not good at all the book had 4 stars because i did not like how they put all the bad luck at the bigginig they should put it on the middle of the story like some other books that other authors made like but the rest was sooo gooodddd.

Mighty Jack

Book Review by: Patten

Book by: Ben Hatke
Book Length: 208 pages

Story Summary: Jack was a teenage boy who lived on a farm. Jack and his family (Mom and sister) were not that wealthy so his mom had to work a lot. One day Jack and his family went to a flea market. Jacks mom told him to stay by his sister and don’t lose her. Jack thought his sister was weird because she never talked. Jack went to go look at something when he lost her. He found her at this man who was trying to sell her seeds for a garden. He said that they were magical seeds. Jack bought the seeds for her and went home. On they way home jack saw a girl she was new she had just moved into the neighborhood. Jack and his sister plant the seeds and the new girl helps. But something happens. Something both good and bad. See what happens to jack and his sister if you read the book .

Your Review: I liked this book a lot . The reason that I like is that they have a huge adventure. The only reason that didn’t like it was that it left me hanging. My favorite character was jack because he was savage and he was the one who stood up for everything.This book would make a good movie but I don’t know who would star in it. Everyone would want to read this book because it is awesome. I would recommend it to everyone. It is one of the best books I have ever read so everyone should read it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Book Review by: Charles

Book by: Jeff kinney
Book Length: 217 pages

Story Summary: Greg and his brother are on a road trip with his family.You would think its fun when you go but when ever you read this story you will find that the position he was in the car was terrible.Then they had to stay at hotel It was TERRIBLE for him!

Your Review: I honestly read this and was amazed,If I have the chance to read this again I will!I don’t remember everything about the story because I read this in the 1st nine weeks,But from what I still remember I want to read this again!
I personally like Greg’s brother Rodrick the best because he is funny and he is mean but what he did at the hotel was so funny!I think I would give this to 3rd to 6th graders to read because its funny!I think everybody should get there hands on this book,One of the best books I’ve ever read in my life! Yes I would recommend this 110%.

Middle School: Dogs best friend

Book Review by: Taylor

Book by: James Patterson
Book Length: 224 pages

Story Summary: Rafe and his sister start and dog walking business and two twins start there own too so they argue because they think that the twins threw there flyer away it has a lot of plot twists and an evil sister but I found it funny and like it.

Your Review: I like how it makes you laugh and it has pictures that are funny. I also recommend this book to you because it is very interesting and makes you think but at the same time it is easy to read.