Donut Go Breaking My Heart

Book Review by: Sarah

Book by: Suzanne Nelson
Book Length: 288 pages pages

Story Summary: Sheyda is with her friend Kiri at an audition Sheyda is not auditioning only Kiri is. When Sheyda has a breakdown in front of the stage when Kiri is done with her audition. Later on Sheyda and Kiri are at a donut shop where they work.The producers come and ask Sheyda to be the part and not Kiri even though Kiri is the one that tried out for the part and not Sheyda. Sheyda accepts the part then there is some tension between the two friends.

Your Review: I like this book because it is realistic fiction. It tells a story that is not true , but could be true. It keeps me awake and interested in reading. In this book I didn’t really like the beginning because it was a little confusing. I did finally get the hang of it though.My favorite character was Shayda because even though she was shy at first during learning her parts for the movie she finally got all of her parts down.
I think this book would be a great movie because it always has something going on and never gets boring.The star of the show would be Sheyda because she is the main character in the book and always has problem , but finds ways to fix them. The students that would like to read this are students that like exciting things and are really into realistic fiction books.I would recommend this book because it tells a story that could happen to anybody and always keeps you reading. I think my peers should read this book because it is an exciting book and makes reading fun! Overall I believe everyone should read this book.



Book Review by: Mia

Book by: Marissa Meyer
Book Length: 827 pages

Story Summary: Winter beautiful loved by all. Expect by her Step Mother Queen Levena. She doesn’t like her as well and hates her all most as much.Along with painful visions and a guy she wishes she could love.The love for her guard Jacin would never be approved.When her stepmother thinks lowly of her all these years.Will she team up with her allies or stand up as a queen.Find Out if you read Winter.

Your Review: I like that its like a tornado and you never know whats going to happen next in the story even if you think you do.I didn’t like that some people turned on their friends in the end and some died.My favorite charter would be Scarlet Since she has more since.This book would be amazing movie if it could one it may be a little out of this time. I think people who like fairy tales, trouble,and a hint of romance.Would really enjoy the book. I would give this book to people who seemed bored or just looked like they had nothing better to do.People who are older than me are well should like the book more than me. Unless they like the same stuff to read every day without any Pop in the story! Overall try this book out for fun ! 🙂

Top Prospect

Book Review by: Zander

Book by: Paul Volponi
Book Length: 270 pages

Story Summary: Travis Gardener is a normal standout QB by the time he enters middle school and is willing to put in everything when he plays football. Travis’s older brother plays QB for Gainesville University and the coach makes a promise that Travis will be on the team in the future but has to go through high school first. Travis is playing in the 9th grade and will be playing for the Gators.

Your Review: Top Prospect was a pretty good book and I would recommend you to read it. It is pretty interesting and there is many things that take place in the book. Some of Paul Volponi’s books are good the the final four so you should read some of his other books but Top Prospect is my favorite and possibly my favorite book that I’ve ever read.

Swing It Sunny

Book Review by: Sawyer

Book by: Jennifer Holm & Matthew Holm
Book Length: 217 pages

Story Summary: Sunny(the main character) is just starting middle school. One day her grandfather calls to see how school is going and Sunny doesn’t know how to respond(hint:school sucks), so she lies and says it’s great. One other problem is that her brother is coming home. He was sent to boarding school because he had a drug problem. He gets to go home for Christmas and Sunny is so exited for it. Sunny thinks he will be better but……turns out he still has his MAJOR problem. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

Your Review: This book is really good because it gives real life problems and not those ”my unicorn ran away” problems that are fake. Sunny(main character), her brother had a drug problem so he got sent to boarding school. He gets to go home for Christmas and Sunny is so exited for it. Her brother is not. Turns out he still has is MAJOR problem. Sunny finds out and tries to stop him. I know I put that in the summary but I wanted to put it in here too. I honestly would recommend it and the first book for people who like a little drama.

Hunger Games

Book Review by: Lizzie

Book by: Suzanne Collins
Book Length: 374 pages

Story Summary: A small girl from district 12, forced to fight against 23 other competitors to the death. The Hunger Games is a yearly “holiday” forced upon them by the rulers of the capital. It is to show that the people of the districts have no control of anything. 1 girl and 1 boy from each district must be “held captive” and murder one another to save themselves. Katniss finds herself one of these people quickly, she sacrificed herself in order for her sister, Primrose, to be kept safely at home. Will she survive? What will happen in her journey to do so?

Your Review: I absolutely loved this book because of all the action involved. The characters are so relatable and the book itself is really descriptive. My favorite character would have to be either Gale, Katniss’ dedicated, brave best friend. He is Katniss’ accomplice in hunting daily. (against the rules by the way) Another one of my favorite characters is Peeta. He is charming, likable, and up for almost anything. He accompanies Katniss in the Hunger Games and loves her ever so.

I think that if you like adventure, and exciting twists, you would definitely love this book. I recommend this book and hope you like it. You should read this book for sure. It is full of wondrous excitement that laves you on the edge of your seat with every flip of the page.


Book Review by: Bailey

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 240 pages

Story Summary: The main characters in this book are Callie, Justin, and Jesse. She is trying to make the play ”Moon over Mississippi” the greatest play the audience has ever seen. While in the process she runs into some conflict. She has to stay under the schools budget and has to make amazing props. While all of this is going on she gets told some new things and I am about to tell you… Haha you really thought I was going to say? Get the book to find out the details.

Your Review: My review on this book is that it is really good and you should definitely read it sometime. I loved how realistic the book seemed. I can imagine this happening. What I didn’t like about the book was that there was one mean part. My favorite character was Callie because she is very confident and she likes to finish something if she starts it just like me! She never gives up.
This book would make a great movie because it is a good book so it would be a good movie when I can really see it. I think any students would like to read this book because there are boy and girl characters. I would recommend this book if you want to read something short. You should really read it for your next book choice because it is really good!