Go Big

Book Review by: Matthew

Book by: Cory Cotton
Book Length: 201 pages

Story Summary: This book is about 5 guys that do trick shots for life. This book is very encouraging to other readers. These 5 guys Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, and Cody Jones. These guys meet up at a church when they were little, when they got bigger and then were students at Texasa&m. After they all graduated they started a Youtube channel called Dude Perfect. Only after a couple of videos they became some famous people. But what I like most about this book is that they are so very encouraging.

Your Review: I would give this book a 100 because I like sports and that Dude Perfect is encouraging. My favorite character is Tyler Toney because I think he is a cool dude, and he is funny. I would make this a movie but they already have a TV show. I would think that kids with passion and like sports would read this book.

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Burning Bridge

Book Review by: Golden

Book by: John Flanagan
Book Length: 256 pages

Story Summary: On a special mission for the Ranger Corps, Will, Horace, and Gilan travel to Celtica. When they arrive, they discover that all the people have vanished. Gilan believes that Morgarath has devised a plan to cross the mountain pass faster. If that were true and the king was not warned, the country would be destroyed. Gilan goes to warn King Duncan, and Will and Horace follow some Wargals to find that a massive bridge has been constructed across the impassable Fissure to let Morgarath’s army across. They come across a girl who says she is a maid to Princess Evanlyn of Araluen, but she is the princess. They also discover that the King’s army will be trapped on the Plains of Uthal. They burn the bridge but are captured by Skandians, but Horace escapes and tells the King. The battle starts, and Morgarath calls a truce and challenges Halt to a duel, but King Duncan forbids it. Horace challenges Morgarath and defeats him.

Your Review: This book was awesome! It was a gripping tale. I liked everything about it because it was so good. I had nothing I didn’t like for the same reason. My favorite character is Will because he is the main character. I would recommend it because it is a really good book. You would like to read it if you are interested in fantasy and history. You should read it for your next book choice because it is AWESOME!

Old Yeller

Book Review by: Luke

Book by: Fred Gipson
Book Length: 181 pages

Story Summary: Travis and his family that lived on the ranch/farm with old yeller

Your Review: Travis lives on the ranch with his parents and younger brother, one day this uninvited golden yellow dog comes to stay with their family. Travis kept trying to get him of their property and to get away. Then Travis realized that he was a good dog when the dog saved Arliss from a bear. The dog also saved Travis from some hogs. He also saved their Mama and her friend from a wolf. When Travis grows to love Old Yeller, they become friends. The owner shows up and try’s to get Old Yeller, the owner sees how attached the family is to the dog so Travis’s mom gives the owner a horned toad nicely cooked by the Mother. One day a pack of wolfs attacks the family, Old Yeller fought back and made them go back. He ends up being injured from the wolves and becomes sick and has rabies. Travis is so sad but sadly he has to kill the dog for his family because he was carrying sickness.


Book Review by: Camryn

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 239 pages

Story Summary: The story Ghosts is about a girl named Katrina who moved to who moves to Northern California because her sister has cystic fibrosis. She ins’t very happy about moving. Her neighbor lets them in on a little secret. Ghosts live in there town. When they find put all her little sister wants is to meet one but cat wants nothing to do with them. Every Halloween the ghosts come into sight and see their loved ones. Cat is invited to the party where the ghosts will be. Read the book to find out more about Cat and whether or not she goes!

Your Review: I loved this book so much! I could not put it down. There are lots of things that are relatable in the book. I really love the way the book is set up into comic form. It makes it easier to read and especially for people who like illustration. my favorite character is Cats little sister Maya. She is very adventurous and strong. I would definitely recommend it.

Origami Yoda

Book Review by: AJ

Book by: Tom Angleberger
Book Length: 141 pages

Story Summary: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is a children’s novel written by Tom Angleberger that was first published on March 1, 2010, by Amulet Books. It follows the story of a young boy named Dwight Tharp who creates an Origami likeness of Yoda from the Star Wars film franchise in order to give advice to other school students. It became the first in a series of popular Star Wars themed novels penned by Angleberger, which includes Darth Paper Strikes Back!, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue, and Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus.

Your Review: Personally I think that this book is off the charts. What I liked about this book is that it follows my favorite movies, The Star Wars series. The only bad part about this book is that it needs more Star Wars content, there is not enough of Star Wars content in this book in my opinion. My favorite character is Dwight Tharp because he is funny and just straight up weird! I think that students that like straight out funny books and Star Wars should definitely read this book because in has all that in it and so much more.


Book Review by: Lauren

Book by: Raquel Palacio
Book Length: 314 pages

Story Summary: August Pullman had some issues and this story is about him over coming those issues by going to school for the first time, making friends and the worst part overcoming bullies but, When he dose he just gets bullied even more then, he already did. Until his friends come in and help him. And when the teachers get into it it just gets better and better!

Your Review: What I like about this book is the standing up and the friendship in this book. The only thing I did not like in this book is the bully’s but, That is a part of the overcoming the bully’s so I guess it is OK. My favorite character is August the main character. I think this book would make a great movie and I would watch it over and over again. The person that should star would be Brad Pitt. The type of students that should read this book would be the ones that love action and heartwarming stories. And I would so recommend this book. I think at least people should try and read the book Wonder because, I think everybody should at least try it.