Book Review by: Hayden

Book by: Jeff Probst
Book Length: 135 pages

Story Summary: One day there were four kids and two adults on a boat for four days. Two of the kids were brother and sister and so were the other two kids. They were all in the middle of the ocean. Then on the fourth day a storm came and shook the boat a lot. They were in a really bad situation. And it was at night so they were running into stuff cause the lights on the boat broke and the boat was shaking a lot.

Your Review: This one of my favorite books ever because I love action books and this is action filled. This would make a good movie and the stars would be the four kids. Kids who like looks of action. I would recommend it because the way it is set up it makes you want to read more and more.yes.



Book Review by: Carter

Book by: Gordon Korman
Book Length: 240 pages

Story Summary: This book is about a boy named Cameron Boxer, and he is a slacker. Except for going to school, the only thing he does is video games. Cameron’s parents are really mad at Cameron and want him to get involved in a school activity, or he doesn’t get to do Rule the World, which is a video game tournament. He decides to start a club. This club was supposed to be fake until people signed up for it. Now Cameron actually has to something. Would you like this book?

Your Review: This book was pretty good. I liked a lot of things in it. Some things that I liked were that the book kept on having plot twists. Another thing I liked about this book was that it keeps you reading. Also, I liked this book because it didn’t take a long time to read. My favorite character was Cameron, because he learns how to step out of his box. He also is really funny. I don’t think this book would make a good movie, even though it was really good. If you like funny books that are fiction, this would be a really good book for you. I recommend this book if you are trying to make your reading goal, or just need something to read. You should read it for your next book choice!

High Heat

Book Review by: Anthony

Book by: Carl Deuker
Book Length: 277 pages

Story Summary: The main character is a boy that is in high school and love to play baseball. He is a pitcher for the team. He lives in Seattle, Washington area with his Mom,Dad and his little sister. His dad had to go to jail and then he did something that was really bad to his whole family when he got out of jail. Then they lost everything they own. The baseball team he was on was really good but he had to move. This story has a lot of mountains this boy has to climb. Will he reach them?

Your Review: I love this book because there was always something huge happen in the story for this boys life. My favorite character is the boy that plays baseball in high school. This would make a great movie and anybody could star it. If you love baseball this book would fit you. I would recommend it for other people to read it.


Book Review by: Caroline

Book by: Mary Downing Hahn
Book Length: 264 pages

Story Summary: A witch called Old Auntie is lurking near Dan’s family’s new home. He doesn’t believe in her at first, but is forced to accept that she is real and take action when his little sister, Erica, is ‘took’ to become Auntie’s slave for the next fifty years

Your Review: I loved this book the most of all I’ve read because it’s so interesting to sit down and have an adventure of your own through reading a book. It has so much action and very much a big mystery.


Book Review by: Celia

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 240 pages

Story Summary: The plot of this book is a middle school that mostly focuses on Callie and, twin brothers. Callie is obsessed with theater but she isn’t the best when it comes to acting or singing so, Callie found a hobbie that kept her close to theater- set design. Callie is a very fun girl to hang around with because, she is very kind. Callie also has a crush on someone and, you shall find out if you read! Through theater Callie meets twin brothers who are totally different! Justin is a dramatic and, fun guy who hopes to win the leading role in the musical, Moon Over Mississippi. While Jesse is the more of the quiet guy. Callie can’t tell if there’s a spark between her and Jesse… is there?

Your Review: I liked how there is so much drama between Callie and the twins, Justin and Jessie. I also liked how the story was about theater because, I would like to work back stage when i am in high school. I didn’t like Greg. I didn’t like how Callie and him shared a kiss but, Greg was still hung up on someone else… I guess that’s good for Callie so she won’t have to worry about him. My favorite character from DRAMA would probably be Callie! I love how she is such a good friend and her enthusiasm when it comes to theater. I think this book would and wouldn’t make a good movie. I think this book would be a good movie because, the book is balancing school and drama! On my other hand I don’t think this book would make a good movie because, I think this story is perfect as a comic… no real reason why. I think the the students that are to read DRAMA are, interested in drama and a little bit of romance because, drama and romance mostly happen in this story. I think I would recommend DRAMA. I think I would do so because, I really liked/loved this story. I think my peers SHOULD read this book because, IT’S INTERESTING. We sixth graders love drama and, who doesn’t love a good comic book. Even though comic books might be a deal breaker for book choice I think we would all enjoy it.

A Night Divided

Book Review by: Andrew

Book by: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Book Length: 336 pages

Story Summary: The main character was Gerta and Fritz. They are trying to go under the wall of berlin. They build a tunnel that goes under the wall. They don’t have an excuse to be by the wall though. So the older brother rents a garden by the wall so they have an excuse to be in the area by the wall. Her friend gets suspicious of their behavior. She goes and explores the tunnel while Gerta is not in the tunnel. They finish the tunnel. Then they meet their dad in the tunnel and finish it. Then the tunnel starts to make the ground above sink, so the east german soldiers start to dig to find out what is happening. The mother comes home from helping their aunt and finds out about the tunnel and is finally convinced that they will go the west side that night. That night they go and Gertas friends and family go to. The police find out and try to stop them but are not able to they get to the other side of the wall.

Your Review: I liked this book because there were a lot of edge of your chair moments. There is non fiction facts and very exciting moments. When you read this you never want to put the book down. If you like fighting and war you would really like this book. If you are looking for a book that you could read pretty fast this is a good book for you. I think everyone should read this book because it is a really great book. I would recommend this book for everyone.


Book Review by: Melani

Book by: Raina Telgemeier
Book Length: 197 pages

Story Summary: The book is about two sisters don t get a long and 1 of the sister gets a snack and the other sister is scared about snacks and they have a little brother and the little sister gets mad about they don t put a tanchion to her and they trubal to her ant house and her older sister gets to know her cosines and her old there sister was to put make up and she gets mad becases she docent get a tenchio

Your Review: why a recommend this book becasse if you have a sister and you old wais cood be fating whith her and becases it is a good book and if you have a sister you kwon you old wais fating whith her and